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RE:2 RE2make needs DLCs and new campaigns

Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm a fan of the franchise like you.

So, don't you think RE2make would need new campaigns and DLCs?

After Project Resistance, I was very concerned about the spirit of CAPCOM when it insists on taking RE to action games. I think the company could follow the example of other houses, like NAughty Dog, in remaining true to the original proposals, but evolving only in gameplay and game mechanics. Sometimes I get the feeling that CAPCOM confuses gameplay (mechanics) evolution with change gender game (survivor horror switch to shooting action).

What I mean? I believe CAPCOM could realize that RE2make is only nine months old. As such, it could focus on fueling the game with new game modes and campaigns. For example, follow the example of CDPR that fueled Witcher 3 for almost two years. Secondary character campaigns can be added to optimize the storyline, like a Joe Kendo's (Robert's brother), David Ford's and Elza Walker's campaigns, could be bring new buildings, such as residential areas, alongside RCPD.

All of these characters could be connected to RCPD events. Joe Kendo, for example, may have left his brother's shop for help with RCPD. Elza Walker could be any civilian, for example, a lawyer who was a refugee at the police station, at the request of her friend Marvin and an Ada informant. And then David Ford could have a conclusive outcome. All of these events could be tailored and well written.

Ford's DLC could be during the day, before the RCPD corridors were messed up and blocked by chairs. It would explore new places, RCPD's backyards, sideyards, outdoor parking and some unexplored niches in the police station map (as we can see in the map drawing). All this before Nemesis and Jill arrive! Then Ford would flee the police station to get help from the Fire Fepartment.

This will not disturb RE3make's plot. After all, because there are so many places and events in Raccoon in those days. The RCPD was just a short way for Jill. The RE3 can pass more at City Hall, Umbrella Office and Raccoon Press. Thereby, explore RE2make's events further, especially enriching the story of Marvin, Irons and Ben.

These three extra campaigns can bring in new enemies, such as crimson heads, big spiders, children zombies and those enemies that appear in the artworks. The Big Boss could be another Mr. X (six tyrants were transported to the Raccoon, according to RE2 (1998).

Even Scenario B could be fixed and added in the future with an update. A multiplayer could also be added, without seriousness and commitment to the franchise plot, such as Project Resistance.

In the end, the RE2make game would be very complete. And even a Definitive Version could be sold to next-generation consoles. And all upgrades could be sold at modest prices every season, like a SFV.

Ps: Sorry for my english. It is not my native language.
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The RE2 DLC train already left the station, dude. :(

P.R. looks like a colossal waste of time. I wouldn't get too hung up about that.

I am just gonna kick back, and wait on other games. Even indie games are bound to be better at this point.
I have a feeling RE2make would be grandiose and wanderful project. When we look at the artworks, there are various regions of the city, new enemies, zombie-licker evolutions, kids zombies and, especially, a large and multi-room orphanage, other places in the city such streets and alleys. In the game intro, there are several important details such as the subway and a zombie child.

But, last year, we had the information that Scenario B production was abandoned. And in the end, we had this final production with several holes in the script. It's frustrating! Maybe CAPCOM got too greedy, and wanted to break up the team production to do other projects parallels, taking advantage of RE2 assets.

I agree with you. I feel that CAPCOM has already forgotten about RE2make.

I think it is a wrong decision. Several softhouses continue to feed their games with extra campaigns, and this generates a lot of credibility and a lot of respect with fans. It is the example of CDPR. Witcher 3 was a well-selling game because it had so much content, add for almost two years. And there was no online game. The CDPR has never been as rich as CAPCOM, but has bet on its Witcher 3 product. Today, a CPDR became a very rich company and surpassed CAPCOM in market value.

RE2make is not a year old and CAPCOM abandoning the game would be a mistake. I'm sure that if CAPCOM fed the game with new content and campaigns for two years, many fans would be won over and others would be served.

Matt Walker says needs to bring new proposals and evolve game. But P.R. is not evolution, this is destroying the plot franchise. I'm sure if Naughty Dog changed the TLOU II proposal to something other than TLOU many fans would criticize and TLOU II would not be breaking pre-purchase records. CAPCOM needs to understand this.

If we stop to think about it, I've never seen Naughty Dog suffer from massive negative criticism from its fans because of its games' identity crisis. Because Naughty Dog has always respected the original proposal of its games. That's why your games are so well sold. CAPCOM always suffers negative criticism over absurd and meaningless proposals spin-offs RE. I think if CAPCOM were to do just new campaigns and DLCs, rather than spin-off games, it would be much more financially and critically successful.

P.R. is an error. It should be a RE2make DLC, at least. But I'm sure that if CAPCOM ran new campaigns, taking advantage of events at RCPD, before Leon and Claire arrived, or even after Jill and Nemesis left, most fans would approve and praise it. CAPCOM needs to be more in tune with its audience.

IMO, the only RE multiplayer proposal that can be successful is to follow the Outbreak's formula. Want to keep the same gamedesign (backtracking, puzzles) and the atmosphere of RE2make, but with four characters.
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Yeah. Like you, I've been disappointed with this franchise for years. I don't know when I started feeling this way, but I eventually noticed around 2016 or something that they were just stealing too many ideas and copying other trends over and over again, to the point where it wasn't adding up. It's my favourite series. I want to keep supporting it. But it's like Capcom is just pulling our leg too much, and trying to take the piss.

The problem with Capcom is that they are just trying to connect the dots too much, hoping it will link together. I don't really believe they even know where to take the franchise next, so they are hoping their current critical and commercial acclaim can be gained via remakes and spin off titles.

If the next sequel isn't another generic action shooter, I will be pleasantly surprised. That seems to be what a lot of gamers are obsessed with. Then other games can get it right, then go nowhere, and get buried.
Resident Evil 2 (2019) should had Same Storyline as Resident Evil 2 (1998) alike Resident Evil 1 (2002) was Remake of Resident Evil 1 (1996)

Capcom should added Following
Storyline for Ada Wong (Arrival at Raccoon City to Escape of Raccoon City)
Spiders and Super Lickers into Ada Wong Mode.
Mr X Mode (Triple Amount of Mr X Following you)
It's indeed a pity.
I really want a full Ada campaign. I would rate Ada's part in Remake2 is one of my favorite RE gameplay parts. Really wish it to be longer.
A VR mini game would be nice too. Really want to walk in RPD in VR.
Its happening?

Its happening?

One slick super spy does look like an Ada campaign!
They're kind of late. Now people are anticipating the next remake, spin off, or sequel. Personally, I don't like any of their recent spin off titles, so they need to stop all of that altogether and maybe do a third Revelations, or something that's as good as we'd expect as a fan.


If an Ada campaign really does come to light I'll be beyond excited. Anything else though, while still welcome of course, I'd rather see RE:3.
Not to be too pessimistic or anything, but any new content would probably be more Ghost Survivor stages.
Of course I'd love new actual story material of any kind, but I'm not getting my hopes up.


Not to be too pessimistic or anything, but any new content would probably be more Ghost Survivor stages.
Of course I'd love new actual story material of any kind, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
The only way I could see otherwise is sizeable paid DLC that would also allow a Gold Edition styled repackage.
I had a dream years ago that many of us were let down by REmake 2 but they eventually released a DLC mode that kept the tank controls and fixed cameras in tact and it was amazing.

At the very least I hope for the sake of preserving the original version of the game, they allow us to download the original PSX RE2 or an upgraded version as DLC. Bundle the OG version in with the remake and sell it for $20 and get a ton more people to buy it. Worth the effort, in my opinion.
The problem is, man, RE 4 happened. After that day, sadly, Capcom didn't want to go back to how games were developed during the PS2 or PS1 era. They wanted to push forward. If a RE 2 remake had immediately followed in 2004, after the first remake was a success, we would have had one epic game. That wasn't to be.

Say what you will about RE 4... but that title was a game changer for real. It may be a great action game with horror elements, but it always did suck as a RE game for its bizarre story and lack of tension, most of all. The plot was absurd in that game, and I always felt that the general tone was kind of 'off', and most of the enemies you face in that game, were not worthy of being in a RE game. It also, in some parts, felt like it was trying to be unintentionally funny.

That's not to say I like to piss on the legacy of RE 4... and it did deserve its 'Game of the Year' status back in 2005. But the problem is, that it butchered much of what made RE appealing in the first place, and the series didn't really get back on form until 2017. Even so: I cannot say I consider 7: Biohazard to be a classic.

Hopefully RE8 will be third person again, and be along the lines of The Evil Within, choc-a-block with scares again, and not be a half baked experience. As far as new RE 2 DLC goes... I just don't see that happening anymore. Even if this did occur, it would likely just be some minor update, and nothing worth the hype.
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