An avid fan since the original release in 1996, I set out to create Biohaze in 2005. The site prospered especially around the pre-release of Biohazard 5, with annual hit numbers in the millions. We quickly became the go to source for everything Biohazard. Up to date news was backed by a literal encyclopedia of information within the site. (More about our history can be read in our 2010 5th anniversary article.)

Fast forward to 2019 and the internet has changed as well as the way we use it. In a much welcome simplified net, most information we housed in the past is easily found via Wiki’s and the like. We decided to trim the fat and focus on our hardcore unique exclusives, translations, trustworthy news and the community.

We look forward to the future and remaining your most trusted source for the Biohazard series. – Yama

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