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RE6 Why Resident Evil's Action Horror Era Was It's Prime - Resident Evil Retrospective

I found this review. I watched it to some extent and ı think this is another one of those few times where the person knows what they are talking about. It's nice to see someone who can give respect to all of those 3 games together.

This is another one ı finished watching that ı enjoyed but like recvx part, didnt enjoy re0 part as much even though ı still agreed with it. It makes the mistake of describing queen leech as reviving marcus rather than mimicking his memories to claim as the person that takes over.

These are more videos ı watched from the channel but ı dont agree with his thoughts on ada's va anymore. I personally enjoyed her performance by the time her scenario was released.

This is recently released. Another good video ı enjoyed but ı didnt agree with his story criticisms in rerev2 at all. I still dont see how claire's character in rerev2 is " butchered " , in re2, she was also struggling with sherry when they 1st met and ı believe the scene is a reference to that. I also dont find moira annoying before she picks up a gun, like his thoughts on recv except wesker as well as leon's epilogue part at the end of his campaign in re6 where ı dont agree with those parts, ı dont agree with these either. Hope re7 and revillage will come next cause ı cant wait for those games to get tarnished, they arent even as successful as re6 is from a sale standpoint and they didnt do well critically in japan unlike re6 that did the best in japan from a critical standpoint.
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