What are you playing?


Just finishing the first two Shenmue games and in around 24hrs, I'll be playing Shenmue III. It's still a dream come true that I can't fully wrap my head around.

I've had this game for four years at this point which has just been sitting in shrink wrap on my shelf. A friend recently got me Shadow of the Tomb Raider as a late birthday gift so I figure its about time I get this off the backlog. Loved the first game in this rebooted trilogy back when I played it on 360 all those years ago and so far this is seeming to be just as good. Hoping I can finish it by the 10th. After that, all my time is going into this new DLC:

I've been replaying dmc games these days so that ı can forget the garbage dmc reboot as quickly as possible.

Played dmc5 today.
It's a great game to play, I'll maintain that, but I just can't feel anything about the story. My top three are
God of War (PS4)
Ghost of Sparta
God of War II

Ascension and Chains of Olympus sit at the bottom, with Olympus only just higher than Ascension.
Sorry for the late reply ( I replayed gow games on ps3 this week. ) but how would you rank all gow games you played from most to least favourite?

I would rank the games that ı played like this:

Gow3 > Gow2 > Gow1 = Ascension > Ghost of sparta > Chains of olympus

I didnt play gow4 yet; ı only watched the cutscenes of it.

While ı liked the story of the game; at the same time ı felt it was pointless for the game to exist cause gow3 seemed like the best place to end the franchise.
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