What are some of the best movies you've ever seen in general?

I love action movies, like Dirty Harry, First Blood, Rocky, Police Story, and Jurassic Park. I think Home Alone is the best comedy film ever to watch at Christmas.

Tom Hanks is one of the best actors ever, so anything with him gets my vote as well. Or the master of martial arts - Bruce Lee!

While the latest trailer for Rambo: Last Blood looks cool, I fear this could end up just being like any other action film!

There are two movies that I will never get tired of rewatching.


Absolute favorites. It's a shame that we never got Aliens 5 from Neil Blomkamp and got the awful Ridley Scott directed prequels instead. At least the Jurassic brand is going strong with World.
Where's BTTF Man? Awesome trilogy there.

And the John Wick movies are great... I wish Chuck Norris do a cameo in the next one, maybe as John Wick's long lost uncle
Sorcerer, Suspiria, Goodfellas, Ikiru

I love Godzilla as well. But the Japanese version.
I love the 60s and 80s versions. And GMK: the one with Godzilla as an evil spirit. The last one was pretty good too.


Finger Lickerin' Good
Day of the Dead, Scarface, the entire Star Wars franchise, Star Trek II, First Blood, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


The Artist Formerly Known As Mr. $miley
Very few movies I'd ever consider flawless. No Country For Old Men is flawless.
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