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OT Website Welcome Thread + Giveaway



Please introduce yourself below and let us know a little about yourself, where you're from, some of your series history, likes and dislikes, etc. All replies through August 31st, 2019 September 30th, 2019 are automatically enrolled in the new site giveaway!

x2 Resident Evil Triple Pack (Switch)
x1 Signed Memorabilia

Good luck and welcome to the community!
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I love all of the games!
I'm known over at Crimson-Head for podcasts and writing stories. My big project is R.E.S.S. and I'm doing my best to stay lore and accuracy base as possible so that it doesn't interfere with the main storylines of the games.

I love gaming and I do cosplay when I can, I also do photography and small voice over work if people want my voice.
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Agent Wong

I don't always play by your rules...
Hi I'm Agent Wong. I like long walks on the beach, RE2 and Jack Daniels. :p
Lord almighty this looks amazing. For those of you that dont know me, I've been hanging around this community for quite some time. Watched it grow and evolve into this beautiful creation. Been a fan of the series and the genre since Re2. I play just about anything as far as games go and love to talk about them. Look forward to meeting all the new faces and the old regulars as well.


The Artist Formerly Known As Mr. $miley
Yo, what's happening? Smiley here. You may know me as that one guy that used to babble about being Shinji Mikami's limo driver for a time. Or how I portrayed various Resident Evil characters from those online parodies. But really, I'm just a man..... A man that poorly invested in over 500,000 copies of Operation: Raccoon City (not Xbox One compatible). A citizen of the world, yet still bleeds Americano. Favorite RE game is REmake with Chris and Jill being my faves. Looking to prove Leon is the true villain of the Biohazard series.


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Hi, I'm mirame and have absolutely loved the series since day one. I have a hobby of collecting the original figures. 3 is probably my favorite one. Never gets old playing it over and over


Old school RE modder from Argentina who recently came back to the scene to fullfill old modding dreams.
Creator of the Classic Costumes Pack a collection of recreations of the extra costumes of all the versions of the original Resident Evil for the RE Remake HD remaster.
Glad to be here.
Please do make a thread showcasing your work, we're happy to have you. :)
Can't believe i'm back! Biohaze is my #1 spot for latest Resident Evil updates. Thank you guys. Looking forward to see more from you guys. :)


Congrats on the redesign. Hope we get some good RE news soon to really help bring back in the numbers to help re-establish the site.

I may not be the most active anymore but i've always supported the site since the beginning and will always continue to do so :)
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Hello everyone! I’ve been around since the very beginning in the old Gamespot forums before Biohaze was even a thing. It’s been a pleasure staying in touch with such great fans of this franchise we love. The site is looking better than ever and it’s an exciting time to be a RE fan again.
Hello all,

First of all, Yama, it's truly great to see the website back up and running. There's not many properly dedicate websites left of this caliber so it's a very welcome return indeed.

I'm [STARS]TyranT. Long time member of the community. Back in the day when I worked with the guys at reHorror I worked on the Resident Evil Timeline which was something I took a lot of pride in. I left reH in early 2008 and lurked in the shadows for a few years.

In 2012 I was very kindly invited to join the Project Umbrella Podcast for a couple of episodes, before joining full time a few episodes later. The podcast has since parted ways with the main site of Project Umbrella, but we have still continued making the podcast and have recently branched into Twitch streams, Youtube videos and other projects!

Please check out our material here:


Hope to see many of the older faces turn up again, and hope to see many new ones!
Howdy, I'm ProXY. I'm a person that occasionally makes things (like RE cover songs) and can usually be found hanging around the Residence Of Evil as one of their moderators. I guess RE2 is my favorite of the series (it was definitely the first one I experienced), but as far as characters go, Rebecca is number one.
Hi ya'll!

It is I, Dead-Emmett-ka! I'm the weirdo of this community, always out of touch of reality; believing being a real zombie. I'm a writer/author, writing all kind of stuff and some of them have been even published (Dead-Emmett is a character of my creation in a comic-blog [mixture of blog posts and comics] that've been published in paper and e-books worldwide). I've been on Biohaze since 2011, I guess.

I love Resident Evil series since 1990-something when I was a kid. Every since I've played almost all of the RE games and I have huge collection of RE collectables/stuff/figures/games.

I started doing video game reviews two years ago and it's something I really like to do. The visitors/views of my site are increasing every day and now there's about 1500-2000 visitors in a week. What comes to the site; I do and pay EVERYTHING by myself. I like to keep giveaways, here and on my site, and that's maybe which I'm known from.

When it's not anything official, I like to write with bad grammar, because it's more fast and fools people to think I'm actually a (alive) person. I reside middle of nowhere (Finland, speaking both Finnish and English, but surprisingly not having that bizarre Finglish accent).

Oh, and I'm not taking part of this giveaway, just wanting to remind everyone that you haven't got rid of me—I'm still here!

George Trevor

The 5th Survivor
Hello I feel so old... what happened to Big Stu? Is he here? Anyway, this new Biohaze looks amazing, makes me feel my own mansion needs a bit of an update, I wonder if Yama can recommend a good site builder?! It's great to see many familiar faces from 'back in the day', I feel this is a very great time for the community. So for people that may not know my name is George Trevor, I used to live at Project Umbrella.net, THIA, and the original Biohaze.
Myself and the Crimson Head Elder team (I see TheOracleDragon is here too!) maintain a little Survival Horror website called 'Crimson Head Elder', where we also produce a podcast that can often have a special guest, ranging from a developer (Yasuhisa Aoyama, Satoshi Nakai), composer (Raj Ramayya), to one of the actors (Alyson Court, Paul Haddad). I also can be heard knowing very little about the series surrounded by experts on the 'Project Umbrella Podcast'.
Favourite Resident Evil games are Resident Evil HD remaster, Resident Evil Zero (you're all wrong!), Dead Aim (better than most the main titled games imo), Code: Veronica X, and Resident Evil 3 (like RE2 only better!)
I also live in England with Huskies.
Hi, I'm Austin. I've been a fan of the series since the beginning! But my personal favorites that I always return to RE2 and RE4. Congrats on the new site and keep up the good work!
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