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Virus Virus Analysis: t+G

After the G-Virus was recovered from Raccoon City by HUNK, Umbrella continued to experiment with it. The corporation failed to complete the virus without Birkin's knowledge, and it was too unstable to create practical B.O.W.s. Instead, it was used in a less direct manner. Genes from G and the t-Virus were swapped out with one another to create a single virus with desirable attributes from both. Weaker aspects from both viruses were used to create a far less lethal strain that minimized necrosis and brain cell rejection. The result was the t+G virus.

Standard T only creates Tyrants from hosts after extensive body strengthening surgeries. t+G, however, is able to create Tyrants through mere injection, like Kodoku and other advanced strains, instead of creating Zombies (which are simply damaged hosts that failed to become Tyrants or other kinds of mutants). t+G Tyrants lack any brain damage whatsoever, allowing full retention of memories and intellect. t+G mainly inherits traits from T, and suppresses the eye growths common in G. Unpredictable mutation in response to damage is still present, but it is avoided thanks to t+G's surprising main attribute:


During virus development, t+G mutated and developed the ability to dramatically increase the bioelectrical current in hosts to the point of achieving Bioelectrogenesis, an ability seen in some fish like the electric eel.


This causes t+G hosts to generate an electromagnetic barrier that deflects most ballistic damage, like bullets. This not only protects the host, but ensures G's powerful V-ACT mutations are never unleashed. This electric current is strong enough to penetrate the air and function as a lethal projectile, and to disrupt electronics that come into contact with the host.

These abilities could be given to standard T B.O.W.s by injecting them with t+G, similar to how t-Abyss could grant Hunters invisibility, how Progenitor could give Lickers the ability to breed, or how Uroboros could create pustule growths in t-Phobos hosts.

These abilities have been touched on before with the Albinoid BOW, and were so impressive that Umbrella made them the primary focus of the t+G Virus. t+G B.O.W.s would be invincible to conventional attacks, an obviously attractive selling point, and Umbrella prepared countermeasures with the Charged Particle Rifle.

The virus never left the prototype stage, however, as the only known samples were stolen and destroyed, and Umbrella went bankrupt a year later.


There are only two known examples of t+G hosts:

The Tyrant 091 was named after the virus batch number used, and was a mass production type T-103 infected with t+G. It failed to produce electricity and developed adverse mutations, like a deformed appearance and the reemergence of an exposed heart, an old Tyrant trait formerly rectified. Due to G, it developed strong tentacles from it's arms. The Tyrant 091 was destroyed when the Spencer Rain cruise ship it was onboard crashed.

Former Umbrella employee Morpheus Duvail injected himself with the next batch number (092), and succeeded in becoming an intelligent Tyrant with Bioelectrogenesis, but at the cost of his human form. After his electric barrier was breached by the Charged Particle Rifle and he received damage, G mutations finally emerged and he became a misshapen blob (like G-5) that expanded in size until he exploded.


Two misconceptions are common with t+G.

One is that it causes male hosts to develop female attributes, based on the appearance of Morpheus. However, Morpheus already had extensive plastic surgery to preserve his youth and beauty, and even as a human he had wide hips and large breasts, partially obscured by his coat. The only effeminate qualities he developed after mutation were "organic high heels", which were either a coincidental yet random mutation or the result of his mindset, as per the "Peculiarities Regarding Transformation" theory by Albert Wesker.

The other misconception is that t+G was created using T antibodies, not the actual t-Virus. This is due to the confusing wording of this file:
We fused the "G-Virus" and its antibody the "t-Virus" at the gene level and succeeded in adding electrical properties.
What it is actually saying however is that the t-Virus itself was used as an antibody to G by suppressing undesirable attributes.
Worst progenitor based virus in the series for me. I wouldnt be surprised if devs thought t+g stands for " transgender " .

Why does morpheus turn his gender into a woman? I know he's obsessed with beauty and all according to files but this is not a good excuse for him to become a female tyrant with organic high heels. I dont see how t or g is related to this.

I know there's a file in umbrella chronicles which is basically wesker theorizing that someone's mindset can affect their mutation but even with that, morpheus turning his gender into a woman feels just plain stupid.

I like the campy / over the top aspect of re; especially 4 / 5 / 6 but morpheus' mutation is just plain stupid to me. It's not campy in a fun way either; it's just plain stupid and boring. The files dont explain this virus well enough.

The 2nd blob type mutation is fine ı guess ( Though she changes her voice to a male. ) since it reminds me of birkin's final form though ı dont like that boss fight at all cause it's extremely frustrating. Those weakspots, they pop in and out way too fast and it's hard to damage them, even with magnum or machinegun. There is also a lack of checkpoints in that area; like if you die at the last stage of the boss fight, you start from the beginning.

I liked the bioelectrogenesis aspect of this virus ( Which later comes back in re6 with piers' mutation though thankfully he doesnt turn gender unlike morpheus. ) but that's it. I dont like anything else when it comes to it.

Due to this, morpheus' mutation is supernatural to me and ı think dead aim is the 2nd most supernatural game in the series after re7.
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