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Virus Virus Analysis: Chrysalid

The most tailored virus in the series, the Chrysalid Virus successfully weaponized both the G and t-Veronica viruses (the former was incomplete, and the latter was not created for the purpose of bioweapons development) in one recombinant strain. It was able to compete with Las Plagas, and it's applications were vast. If you are unclear or forgetful of the full effects of G and t-Veronica, I would recommend visiting my analysis threads for them first, as this analysis will reference both extensively.



Derek Simmons foresaw the rise of B.O.W.s on the global stage, and advanced virus research to ensure the US would be ready when conventional warfare was obsolete, despite it violating the Geneva Convention. Carla Radames, who had skills in virology competing with even William Birkin, was tasked by Simmons to create a strain superior to the t-Virus. It is my belief this research aimed to create intelligent, obedient super soldiers that could blend in with regular humans. In essence, Carla was to carry on the Tyrant Project under the Family. To this end, she experimented with the t-Virus, and was able to isolate it's DNA mutation factor, a trait inherited from Progenitor. This factor is what makes the creation of artificial organisms possible, and by isolating it from the t-Virus, Carla was able to more easily manipulate it and remove undesirable effects like necrosis.

In 2002, Manuela Hildago was taken into US custody. Her body contained an altered strain of t-Veronica, which after stabilizing in Alexia had passed onto Steve, then to Manuela, who partially bonded as well. Due to recombination and mutation, this strain of t-Veronica was much weaker. It was extracted from Manuela and combined with the DNA mutation factor of the t-Virus to create t-02.

Like t+G, t-02 only inherits the best qualities of the viruses used to create it. It removed the necrotic effects of both viruses, excessive brain damage, and the need for a 15-year adaption period.
Little else is officially stated regarding t-02, but taking the above into account, I have my own beliefs regarding it. Please note this is speculative, although I feel confident concerning it:

I believe t-02 was the first to create the J'avo mutation. J'avo inherit qualities from T (humanoid super soldiers) and t-Veronica (fire blood and insect mutations), without becoming new organisms like G mutants. This makes t-02 the official weaponized strain of t-Veronica, and the accomplishment of the original goal by Simmons.


After t-02 was completed, further developments under Carla were realized. Sherry Birkin, who was in the custody of Simmons, contained in her body trace amounts of the G-Virus, which was severely weakened by the DEVIL vaccine. Like t-Veronica before it, Carla saw the potential to also stabilize G by combining it with t-02 and suppressing undesirable attributes. The three viruses formed a new, complex chimera strain, called the Chrysalid Virus, or the C-Virus for short. The C-Virus still created intelligent super soldiers from primary injection (called J'avo), but the G-Virus added new features that only manifested after V-ACT. V-ACT is the reactivation of the virus due to damage inflicted on the host. The activity of the G-Virus is heavily dependent on V-ACT, and once the C-Virus reactivated, G mutations occurred.

As per the effects of G, damaged J'avo were transformed into new animals, called Complete Mutation Species, or CMS. CMS mutations were completely unpredictable, but by inserting genes from different organisms into the virus, variant strains producing predictable mutations were created. In this way, C allowed for the creation of specialized new animals, and realized the true potential of the G-Virus, and to a lesser extent Progenitor itself.

As CMS developed, the outer layer of hosts would turn into a Chrysalid (which earned C it's name), due to insect genes from t-Veronica. The insides of hosts would then dissolve and resolidify into entirely new forms. The resulting creatures would burst free from their Chrysalis, sometimes in seconds, and often lost most if not all human features. This is the perfect example of the power of the virus to create life and biodiversity.

CMS burst into flames upon death, like t-Veronica mutants, and due to their immediate upbringing have sensitive vision, making flash grenades especially harmful to them. The Chrysalis itself is extremely durable, but has a weakness in the form of high current electricity. Some strains of C have been modified to skip the J'avo stage entirely.

Project Ada

The completed C-Virus had the potential to literally create anything. Simmons, seeing it's ability to replicate traits in existing organisms by inserting their genes into the virus, saw the potential to create a CMS copy of Ada Wong. During the ensuing project in which many lives were sacrificed, several new CMS mutations were discovered which had potential as B.O.W.s, such as the Lepotica and Gnezdo.

Eventually it was discovered that a host with a similar genetic makeup could serve as a base for a perfect CMS clone. Carla just so happened to have similar genetics to Ada, and Simmons used her to create his Ada clone. While physically identical to Ada, the CMS Carla's mind was rendered a blank slate for Simmons to mold into his idealized form.

However, Carla's original personality and memories began to resurface to a degree. She became obsessed with chaos, as it was opposed to the order Simmons strove for, and secretly manipulated him to gain the resources to create her terrorist organization Neo-Umbrella, and to accomplish her goals developed the CMS HAOS and the new viral strain, Enhanced C.


Primary infection with t-02 (I believe) and the standard strain of C results in the J'avo mutation in humans. J'avo is Serbio-Croatia for "demon", possibly because they are spiritual successors to Majini (Swahili for "evil spirits"). J'avo retain as many human features as possible and, like Umbrella with the Tyrants, were created to be human-looking super soldiers. In this regard they are able to compete with Plaga mutants. They resemble t-Veronica mutants.

J'avo retain their original form for the most part, but develop pale skin and blackened veins, common Progenitor symptoms. The face is most heavily affected, and because of this they commonly wear masks or bandages. All across the face eyes sprout and rip through the skin, making J'avo appear to "cry" blood. These eyes, while possibly also related to Progenitor's tendency to create eye growths, are actually a result of t-Veronica's insect mutations. They resemble insect eyes, although there is little consistency in how they will develop from host to host, as they vary in size, shape, number, and general appearance.

Thanks to the weakening of C's ingredient viruses, brain cell rejection is severely limited. J'avo retain essentially all intelligence, allowing them to speak, operate firearms and machinery, drive, etc. However, their will is subverted, and they are left in a trance-like state where they follow the last orders given prior to infection. In order to control them, Carla made her army with mercenaries and the like, who were given specific orders before injection of the virus.
An almost universal effect of any virus derived from Progenitor is a sharp increase in aggression, and J'avo are no exception. Their combination of intelligence and aggression leads to sadistic tendencies, with J'avo commonly taking great pleasure in torturing others.

J'avo possess enhanced strength, and retain all previous skills as enhanced humans. They are also able to regenerate from most wounds in seconds. Amazingly, they can even regenerate brain matter, lessening the vulnerability of the most common humanoid B.O.W. weak point - the head.
However, like other regenerating BOWs such as Tyrants, taking in too much damage too quickly results in death before healing can take hold. Even further, the more J'avo are damaged, the greater the activity of the virus inside them. This results in an increase in internal body temperature due to the "fire blood" attribute gained from t-Veronica. Eventually, an excessively damaged J'avo will burst into flames. This either results in incineration and death, or in total V-ACT. If it ends up being the latter, then the extreme heat will burn and harden the outer layers of the body into a Chrysalid, and the J'avo is reformed into a CMS.

The first known J'avo encountered in bioterrorism was Bindi Bergara, who injected herself with a sample of C given to her by Carla. As a J'avo, Bindi retained her personality and free will, and her face didn't develop extra eyes until she was shot. It could be that either:
1. Her strain was modified to allow her to retain her humanity, or
2. She had an older strain, which was later modified to affect the brain enough to render hosts compliant B.O.W.s.
Bindi also mutated into a CMS. She became a giant spider-like monster. It is unknown if this was a random or engineered mutation.

J'avo Mutations

As J'avo cells heal, human cells are altered with genetic material found in the C-Virus. As a result, cells healed by the virus are repaired into forms resembling insects (of course due to t-Veronica). The G-Virus causes host cells to be gradually replaced with G cells as well, but whether or not this J'avo trait only came about when G was introduced to t-02 is open to interpretation. There are some occasions where J'avo trigger mutation themselves without sustaining damage, and this is likely due to t-Veronica giving hosts control over how they mutate, and when.
Each known J'avo mutation was named by the BSAA using the Serbian language, although a single J'avo can develop multiple of these attributes. Each type falls into one of four categories based on what part of the body was affected:

Glava ("Head")
Glava-Dim ("Head-Smoke") develop the stinger and abdomen of bees or wasps in the place of the head, which emits a poison gas.
Glava-Begunates ("Head-Runner") have the head of a cicada and hook-like appendages. After transformation they behave frantically, attacking enemies in a blind frenzy.
Glava-Sluz ("Head-Slime") spray a webbing to ensnare prey. It is difficult to determine exactly what form their head takes.
Glava-Smech ("Head-Laughter") develop beetle pincers, strong enough to lift an adult human and tear them in half with a single bite.

Noga ("Leg")
Noga-Oklop ("Leg-Armor") have legs comprised of bone and chitin, and are bulletproof.
Noga-Trchanje ("Leg-Work/Running") have the lower body of a crawling insect, which they use to scale ceilings and walls.
Noga-Skakanje ("Leg-Hopper/Jumper") have large grasshopper legs, and can jump enormous heights.
Noga-Let ("Leg-Flight") have the lower body replaced with insect wings, leaving the upper half to hang upside down.

Ruka ("Arm")
Ruka-Srp ("Arm-Sickle") have developed a bladed praying mantis arm.
Ruka-Bedem ("Arm-Wall") have an arm that has split and expanded to create a chitin shield.
Ruka-Khvatanje ("Arm-Catcher/Capture") have an elongated arm resembling a worm or even shellfish (as stated by Conan O' Brian when he played RE6 on his show), which can grab prey from great distances, or from behind cover.

Telo ("Torso")
Telo-Krljusht ("Torso-Scale") are the torso equivalent of Noga-Oklop.
Telo-Ekplojiza ("Torso-Explosions") expand into a form resembling a curled-up insect larva, and explode in the proximity of prey. They achieve this through autothysis, a process used by some ants and termites which involves exploding it's body via rupturing organs to protect the colony.
Telo-Magla ("Torso-Mist") are incapable of movement, and writhe on the ground emitting a poison gas, with what appears to be moth wings sprouting from the body. They will eventually revert back into a standard J’avo.


Carla was able to create the ideal C-Virus B.O.W. using a host with a high compatibility with C, like how Sergei's genes were compatible with T and were used to make Tyrants. This monster, called Ustanak ("revolution") was essentially a J'avo 2.0. Ustanak's relationship with J'avo is comparable to the relationship between Tyrants and Zombies. Since over a hundred other test subjects died while attempting to create Ustanak, it seems a specialized strain with high lethality was used.

Ustanak was even more intelligent than J'avo. Being so intelligent, a reliable means of control was an issue. However, Carla controlled it by forming a bond with the creature based on that of a mother and child. While Ustanak's former sense of self is mostly gone, his affection for Carla was preexisting. Furthermore, when Carla died, Ustanak somehow knew.

Unlike J'avo, random mutation was eliminated in Ustanak, and it did not change form at any point. However, a side effect of this was it could not redevelop lost appendages. It could not regrow it's right arm, which was lost in a lab accident. Despite this, Ustanak was almost immortal, and survived countless gunshot wounds, direct exposure to explosions, falling from a helicopter, taking a giant drill to the torso, being crushed by a falling tower, and even being submerged in lava, before it was killed by a magnum revolver shot to it's then-exposed heart.

It's form was no longer human, and it resembled an especially muscular Tyrant. It's face suffered heavy deformities, and it originally wore a mouth mask.
Neo-Umbrella fitted it with a specialty made robotic prosthetic arm, on the end of which could be mounted weapons. During the course of it's pursuit of Jake, it used a claw fitted with syringes, a minigun, a drill, a shotgun, a flail and a hookshot. It also used grenades and a cage mounted on it's back.

It had poor vision due to it's disfigurements, but could actually "birth" insect-like flying creatures to act as scouts from it's back, likely due to t-Veronica. These creatures, called Oko ("eye") would emit a high pitch noise detectable to Ustanak to guide it to it's targets.

Complete Mutation Species

All CMS encountered thus far were created from human hosts, yet most look entirely different. This is because they are new animals created using the biomass of the host, and just as Progenitor created the original life forms on earth, CMS are entirely new species of animal. While this is due to the introduction of G, CMS also inherit t-Veronica characteristics, like disintegration upon death (this is not just a gameplay mechanic, as the CMS created from Bindi also burst into flames in the manga).
V-ACT only occurs once with the C-Virus, unlike G but like the t-Virus. This means CMS will no longer mutate after "birth".

Some CMS encountered are the result of random mutation, while others were created with specialized strains of C that were engineered to produce a specific result.

Mutant Deborah
A perverted Family researcher, intrigued by her beauty, injected Deborah Harper with a strain of C. It was an unmodified strain, making her a "natural" CMS.
Her mutations were the most minor of all CMS. Her skin became sleek and flawless, and was gray in color. Most notably, she developed insect appendages from her back and mouth, greatly resembling the insect limbs of Nosferatu.
She often laughed and caressed her body sensually, which is... strange.
Mutant Deborah was presumably killed when her former sister, Helena, dropped her into a pit.

A "natural" CMS, the Rasklapanje inherits various qualities from the G-Virus, in particular the ability to breed. The actual creature is a parasite-like mass of pink flesh, which hides itself in a fleshy sort of exoskeleton. This shell is humanoid in shape, but lacks eyes, ears, a nose, or genitalia. Upon sustaining substantial damage, the body/shell will shrivel up and writhe on the floor, and slowly regenerate. The only way to kill the creature is to destroy the "parasite", which is invulnerable as long as it remains in the body. While incredibly durable, extreme heat can scare the parasite out long enough to harm it.
The parasite will emerge from the mouth to implant embryos into meat, be it a living human or slabs of steak at a market. An implanted embryo will develop into a new Rakeslanje in moments, which bursts from it's makeshift embryo with it's own shell. This is clearly reminiscent of G creatures.
Once one Rasklapanje has been born, it will quickly take over an area by rapidly reproducing. This, combined with their amazing vitality makes them incredibly dangerous.
Each Rasklapanje is actually a collection of four different organisms that operate as one, each controlling a separate section of the shell: two for each hand, one for the upper body, and one for the legs. Each can detach and reattach together at will. Independent Rasklapanje hands can latch onto a person's face to suffocate them, while the legs use exposed digestive organs to spray acid.
This unique characteristic earned it it's name, which means "dismantle".

Ubistvo was a CMS genetically engineered to be a raw tornado of death, hence it's name, meaning "murder". However, it's extreme aggression limited it's usefulness to an indiscriminate killing machine. It was incredibly durable, and could possibly regenerate. Half it's body was covered in a bullet-resistant chitin-like shell (from t-Veronica), and many of it's internal organs moved to right arm, including the heart and ribcage. Most noticeably, it's arm developed many sharp points capable of rapid movement along a sort of belt due to a complex system of bone and muscle, creating an organic chainsaw for slicing targets to pieces. A similar right arm mutation was seen in the Scagdead irregular mutant.
The only known Ubisvo mutant was sliced to pieces by a helicopter blade.

Many bodies simultaneously injected with C and conjoined together during development into a chrysalid creates the Ogromon ("giant body") B.O.W.. A spiritual successor to El Gigante and Ndesu, these towered several stories tall. Their skin was almost completely impervious to damage, although they could be stunned by harming their soft facial tissue. They could withstand most damage and heal, but had a weak point in the form of a large growth in the back. This grown was sealed into the body, but could be pulled out using a metal rod inserted into it's back by Neo-Umbrella for the purpose of carrying it via helicopter.

Many CMS B.O.W.s were created by using genes from various animals. The resulting CMS would inherit the animal qualities desired in a B.O.W., like Umbrella did with the Hunter B.O.W.. While related to said animals, these CMS are still new creatures with their own unique quirks, and are even further removed from human than the above CMS:

Created using gorilla genes, Napads inherit some of their shape and mannerisms. Napads develop a second layer of Chrysalis used as a protective shell, although it is relativly brittle and can break when exposed to gunfire, revealing red muscle tissue underneath. A particularly vulnerable spot rests on the back.
Napad means "assault", and as such they fight with direct brute force, charging into combatants with reckless abandon in an effort to crush them.
Due to t-Veronica, they have a dangerously high internal body temperature, resulting in them continually expelling steam. How they remain hydrated is unknown.
Despite their faults and relative weakness, they were efficient weapons, and were still in use after the fall of Neo-Umbrella.

Their name meaning "archer/shooter", the Strelac's ranged abilities complemented the Napad. Based on lizard genes, Strelacs had impressive running and climbing abilities. They sought to distance themselves from prey, and snipe them using bone projectiles very similar to the ones used by Hilda. They let out a gas as a defensive mechanism, which could disorient close threats.

Mesecs were created using crow genes. These flying B.O.W.s will only feed on corpses. They use hook-like appendages to grab prey, lift them into the air, then drop them from severe heights, a tactic used by some birds IRL.
Mesec means "moon".

Despite appearing to be a giant snake, Illuzija was indeed human, like all known CMS. It's fangs resembled a viper, while it constricted prey like an anaconda. It's bone structure was uneven, and it's scales jet black.
It's name (meaning "Illusion") is in reference to it's ability to camouflage itself by secreting a liquid that bends light around it, making it far more dangerous than Yawn, although the inside of it's mouth could not be cloaked. Intelligent and stealthy, it picked off the BSAA in an apartment complex
After being damaged by Chris and Piers, it's scales hardened to resist further damage as a defense mechanism, although at the cost of it's cloaking ability. These scales could not be penetrated by gunfire, but were still vulnerable to electricity, which was used to kill it.
This creature was said to be discovered by accident, meaning that either the researchers under Carla were just playing around with snake genes and C in order to examine the results, or that it is a natural, unaltered CMS. If the latter is the case, it's obvious snake characteristics may be due to recombination with genes from prior snake hosts, or actually be due to Progenitor, which I will cover further in my coverage of dinosaur Simmons.

A CMS created using bull shark genes, Brzak's name means "rapids". It devoured waste dumped by Family researchers in the flooded section of the Simmons Family Catacombs. Even with it's eyes gouged out by Leon and Helena, it could detect prey via movements in the water. It's fins resembled human arms, which it could use to crawl on land, and it had an orange tongue with three sharp prongs. Brzak was killed by explosive containers that were detonated by Leon and Helena's gunfire, similar to the death of the giant Alligator from Raccoon City.

Two CMS BOWS were discovered by accident during Project Ada, and despite being random mutations, inherited feminine qualities from her genes:

With Gnezdo's name meaning "nest", hosts who suffered this mutation broke down into countless separate organisms resembling bees that functioned in total harmony. Their swarm took on the shape of a woman, and they attacked in unison. They were controlled by a massive Queen in the heart of the swarm, and would disperse if she were killed.
It's resemblance to bees is not due to bee genes being inserted, as it was a random mutation. This characteristic is instead due to t-Veronica.

Another strain discovered during Project Ada created the Lepotica, a CMS covered from head to torso in large pores. These pores expelled a gas containing a new strain of the C-Virus which turned hosts into Zombies (which are covered in the next section).
This mutation had promise - such B.O.W.s could be deployed to singlehandedly wipe out a population using their gas. However, it needed a field test. Carla provided this experimental CMS strain to Bindi, who used it to revive Nanan Yoshihara from her coma. Nanan entered into a Chrysalis and turned into the Lepotica prototype: C-16.
C-16 retained a partially human face, but her original mind, like Carla, was mostly wiped. She only retained her friendship with Bindi, who used C-16 to destroy the Marhawa School.
C-16 could expel gas from her many pores, but she could also infect select individuals by breathing it into their mouths with a "kiss". In the place of arms, C-16 had strong, bladed tentacles.
Carla recovered a tissue sample of C-16 and used it to perfect this CMS strain. Thus was the finished Lepotica B.O.W. created ("beautiful woman", an ironic title, but also a reference to it's female-like shape, inherited from Ada). The Lepotica has arms instead of tentacles, and it has a more consistent shape. The facial muscles have been pulled back, creating a permanent smile. The face could split apart into three sections, to make room for the emergence of it's elongated tongue. It would "kiss" prey, like C-16 did, and jam it's long tongue down the throat of victims.
Lepoticas avoided direct confrontation (although like C-16 are very strong and durable), opting instead to contaminate all life in the vicinity with their blue gas, which could spread for three miles. The city of Tall Oaks was destroyed this way, and the gas was also collected and stored in several missiles by Neo-Umbrella, one of which carpeted Laingshang in gas.
Lepotica are said to "self-destruct" once an area is fully contaminated.

HAOS was a B.O.W. whose name meant "chaos", although it is unknown why it is spelled in all caps. Carla created HAOS in her seabed laboratory using microbes extracted from magma. The vitality of these microbes was transferred to HAOS using C, making it near invulnerable. It was created for the sole purpose of killing every human on the planet, making it a doomsday B.O.W..
HAOS, once born, would swim to the surface instinctually. Once there, it would release the gas strain of C from organs in it's body, like the Lepotica but far more wide in radius and potent. It would also practice infinite division, self-reproducing until an army of HAOS' would overrun the world, each spreading gas and each almost impossible to kill. This way, if HAOS reached the surface, the world would be destroyed in mere days.
HAOS' development was cut short: when Carla died, an emergency program forced it to awaken from it's Chrysalis when only 70.3% complete. As a result, it's lower half was incomplete and it's skin not fully developed, making it translucent. It appears that a fully formed HAOS would look somewhat humanoid. Despite it's premature birth, it was more than capable of fulfilling it's task. HAOS was able to change it's size by entering a new Chrysalis and emerging again at will. This may be how it would practice division.
HAOS was destroyed by Piers before it could reach the surface, saving the planet.


As stated above, the CMS B.O.W.s Lepotica and HAOS produced a blue gas cloud containing the C-Virus from their bodies. This was a new mutant strain of the virus, however, and for clarification will be henceforth referred to as the Gas Strain. Unlike regular C, which eliminated most toxicity and necrosis from the viruses used to create it (T, G and t-Veronica), the Gas Strain decayed the host. Rather than becoming J'avo, hosts became C-Zombies.

Zombies in the Biohazard series are mammalian hosts who were infected by a Progenitor-based virus and were simultaneously weakened and strengthened, putting them in a state of apparent living death. The resulting Zombies are then driven by heightened aggression and a constant state of starvation brought about by an extremely high metabolism to attack and consume other organisms, particularly the more nutritious uninfected ones. Zombies come about either when a host fails to bond properly with the virus, or when a corpse is infected with certain enhanced strains capable of repairing dead cells.

C-Zombies differ from typical T-Zombies in that some of Carla's improvements to lessen C's severity extend even to the Gas Strain. Not only do C-Zombies show less symptoms of outward decay (mainly bruising rather than rotting), but their brains are left relatively intact. This gives them both greater intelligence than typical Zombies and finer motor control. They retain enough intelligence and coordination to use weapons, including firearms to a small extent, and some engage in human behavior like turning cranks. They also practice self-preservation in combat, avoiding gunfire and on some rare occasions even retreating.
While they still typically shuffle, C-Zombies commonly but irregularly have sudden bursts of speed, as noted by Ricky. They retain climbing skills and often leap and lunge at prey with impressive agility. Rather than moan, their aggressive nature is manifested more clearly through shrieks and growls, and their behavior is more animalistic than brain damaged.

In the case of the C-Zombies created by C-16, infection was limited to inhalation of the gas, with bites not spreading the virus. The Gas Strain is therefore less virulent by itself than T, although this could benefit the user, as outbreaks would be easier to control, with Lepoticas being the sole means of dispersion. However, Carla used the data recovered at Marhawa School to improve the Lepotica, so whether or not the C-Zombies in RE6 had this limitation is unknown.

Like T-Zombies, C-Zombies could expel stomach acid to harm prey.
Animal infection is also seen with the Zombie Dog C, which appears to be biologically identical to the Zombie Dog and Cerberus B.O.W..

Like the G-Virus, the Gas Strain could create Zombies from corpses by repairing dead cells. This allowed even mummified corpses hundreds of years old to revive. These cellular repairs allow C-Zombies to develop new mutations, previously impossible with T-Zombies due to the lack of energy in dead cells (except in the case of V-ACT when the virus revives Zombie cells making the transformations into Lickers and Crimson Heads possible).
As a result, C-Zombies have mutant variants among them which have adapted to hunt in different ways. These variants are listed below:

Some Zombies who breathed in the Gas develop a mutation in the lungs and vocal cords, becoming Shriekers. The lungs enlarge and dominate the neck and torso, and are able to expose themselves to make room to expand. The neck also grows in length.
Shriekers attempt to distance themselves from prey, and use their lungs to create a powerful scream that stuns them and attracts other Zombies, showing how infected organisms can adapt to hunt most efficiently in a virus ecosystem.
The virus alters the host's reception of sound, as shown in Pluto and Lickers. Similiar to how the Zombie Jammer makes Zombies passive, the frequencies created by Shriekers stimulates Zombie brains, sending them into a feeding frenzy. Altering this frequency can also damage Zombies, and the death shriek of a Shrieker can literally destroy Zombie brains.

Some C-Zombies become large and swollen, and are several times larger in height and width. These Whoppers either suffered a unique mutation, merely consumed a large amount of flesh, or most likely both. Perhaps the mutation is achieved in Zombies who eat enough, in order to support the extra weight. They are strong enough to lift an adult human to their mouths. A larger variant exists called the Whopper Supreme.

Bloodshots, as noted by Leon, are essentially C-Lickers, and are a result of V-ACT in some C-Zombies. These potential Bloodshots are distinguishable by glowing red eyes, a common virus symptom. Since none are encountered outside Tall Oaks, it could be a new, local mutation, with hosts of the new strain gaining red eyes.
If a potential Bloodshot suffers brain damage, it rapidly sheds it's skin and transforms. Bloodshots have a hard exoskeleton made from muscle and bone that provides protection, although it's enlarged heart periodically exposes itself, creating a weak point. The damaged skull develops a large deformed mouth.
They remain bipedal, and have incredible speed and leaping abilities.

Enhanced C

Carla's ultimate goal was to plunge the world into chaos in order to make Simmons suffer. To accomplish this, she would use HAOS to start a global outbreak. She also created a Simmons CMS clone herself (I think) to keep her company in the desolate new world. But she needed a way to survive herself, and wanted the real Simmons to live long enough to witness his world order crumble. This was the purpose behind Enhanced C, the last strain of the C-Virus Carla created, and the most unstable, volatile, and powerful strain of C of them all.

Jake Muller inherited his father's high compatibility with Progenitor-Family Viruses, and he could produce antibodies capable of suppressing C. He showed no symptoms after injecting himself with C, perhaps suggesting C's highly specialized nature has rendered it unable to produce super human adapters.
Since Jake's blood could be used to create a vaccine to the C-Virus, Simmons ordered Carla to retrieve him. However, seeing the potential to create new viruses, Carla kept him herself and told Simmons he died. Over the course of six months, she used Jake to create Enhanced C, and kept three samples.

Using Jake's antibodies, C's genetic makeup was altered. Certain attributes were weakened or eliminated, while others were strengthened. The virus was in a sense forced to evolve and adapt in response to the antibodies, and the end result harnessed the full capabilities of both G and t-Veronica, and outright eliminated brain cell rejection.
Regular C, once reactivated, produced CMS unable to mutate further. Mutants created by Enhanced C changed perpetually, exactly like the G-Virus. The strengthened infection speed of Enhanced C caused instantaneous transformations which skipped the chrysalid stage entirely. The bodies of these mutants would become chaos incarnate, a fitting revenge on Simmons.

Like t-Veronica, hosts of Enhanced C could revert to human form at times, with the original genetic makeup preserved even as the body was turned inside out. Also due to t-Veronica, hosts had some degree of control over how they changed.
The brain was kept intact, but would lose intelligence during transformations into different creatures. These mutants were also near immortal, meaning they could survive while the world crumbled.

In short, imagine a G-Creature that transforms from human to monster to human to monster to human, etc. Then throw in controllable mutations from t-Veronica and extremely drastic regenerative powers. That's Enhanced C in a nutshell.

Three hosts to Enhanced C existed, with each taking one of Carla's three strains. They all showed unique mutations, either due to host mindset, environmental factors, random mutations, or differences in each sample themselves.

Derek Simmons

Simmons was injected with a sample of Enhanced C by a J'avo under orders from Carla. He mutated back and forth between four different forms, with his body ripped apart and torn inside out each time. One can only imagine the pain of this, and he was eventually killed by Leon and Helena. The Family recovered his corpse, meaning Enhanced C still exists in the world.

These are each form Simmons took:

His most common form, his mutations here were relatively minimalistic. Due to t-Veronica's effects of heightened body temperature, his clothes were incinerated and his lower body covered in scar tissue. Most noticeably, deep cracks covered his body, which would split open and expose his insides as he
transformed like a human Transformers robot. While he was most vulnerable in this form, he was still far stronger and resilient than a normal human.

In this form, Simmons resembled a large canine or feline, like a Saber Tooth Tiger. He could outrun a train, and climb the side of a skyscraper. His head could change into a sort of tail or tentacle-like appendage which fired bone projectiles like the Strelac, but with the speed of a machine gun. Any bone matter lost was instantly regenerated.
In this form Simmons retained his intelligence and could still speak.

In the Quad Tower, Simmons transformed into a form with the shape of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. While it is technically possible Carla inserted dinosaur genes into C, I think three other scenarios are far more plausible:
1. It was a random mutation, with t-Rex similarities being entirely coincidental.
2. Simmons willed himself to take that form.
3. It's because of Progenitor. The virus created all life in the first place, and created the original dinosaurs. It recreating those results in Simmons is entirely possible.
These three could also explain his first form.
He lacked intelligence in this form, and could no longer speak. Inside his circular mouth was a giant eyeball, from G (and similar in appearance to the mouth-eye of G-5 in RE2make). His impressive jumping skills allowed him to fling himself at Ada's helicopter.

Simmons' form on the roof of the Quad Tower resembled a gigantic fly. Before this, he is seen in an intermediary stage surrounded by flies, which he could have consumed and taken the form of. His appearance could also be due to t-Veronica. He fueled his growth by consuming Zombies, which he grabbed with tentacles and broke down with Veronica fire blood. As long as he had a steady food supply, he could continue to heal and survive indefinitely.
Over time he developed other insect properties like legs and mandibles. Being a fly, he could shoot acidic projectiles.
He now lacked any intelligence beyond survival instincts.

Carla Radames

After being shot by a Family sniper and falling several stories at her aircraft carrier, Carla died. However, immediately beforehand, she injected herself with her sample of Enhanced C, causing her to revive then transform. Mutant Carla was then destroyed by the real Ada Wong with the help of liquid nitrogen.

Carla's transformation was entirely different from Simmons'. Her body dissolved into a white paste, which fused with the aircraft carrier. She lacked any discernable shape initially, but through her will to be Ada would develop faces and arms resembling her. She could consume other organisms like J'avo and humans, and had growths which sprayed acid at prey. She also generated separate organisms from her biomass which were shaped like Ada called Carla Spores.

I have several theories as to why she turned out this way, besides just "it's a random mutation":

1. During the chrysalid stage of CMS, hosts are internally dissolved then reformed. It could be Carla's strain keeps her in this stage of development, allowing her to stay as a dissolved paste that can reform itself at will. If this is the case, then each strain of enhanced C represents a different stage of development: Piers = J'avo, Carla = Chrysalid, and Simmons = CMS.
2. Her strain was modified with a fungus or bacterium, like the microbes used with HAOS or something. She greatly resembles an E-Series Mold B.O.W. like Eveline, and Carla Spores are similar to Molded.
3. Carla, as a CMS, already contained the C-Virus. Perhaps she had a unique reaction due to double infection that caused her cells to break down and liquify in a manner similar to Oozes.
4. Her injury and death immediately prior to transformation could have affected her mutation.

Piers Nivans

During the fight with HAOS, Piers lost his right arm. In desperation, he injected himself with the last strain of Enhanced C. With his newfound powers, he saved Chris Redfield and defeated HAOS while sacrificing his life in the exploding seabed laboratory.

Piers' mutations were less drastic than the other two. He resembled an intelligent J'avo like Bindi rather than a CMS, perhaps due to a difference in his strain (see Carla's section above). In response to his injury he developed a new arm capable of bioelectrogenesis. He may have been able to keep further mutation away through willpower.
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This is my favourite virus in the series and ı want it to come back in another re game.

Personally ı think it could had appeared in re7 or vendetta while making them more connected to re6.

Oh well; still love this article of yours. Aged well imo.


One thing about simmons' t-rex mutation, there are vehicles at the area where you fight t-rex form, according to the dialogue in leon's chapter 5; bsaa wanted to evacuate civilians to quad tower. Simmons most likely killed them and consumed them using his tentacles. I mean he consumes zombies to heal himself later on so yeah; this sounds plausible.

Plus this special info ı found, not sure if it counts as symbolism:

" I finally figured out Simmons' transformations and what they represent.

Tiger: A paragon of speed, strength, and cunning. This is his power as a leader, one who weaves an intricate web of lies and deceit.

T-Rex: A massive powerhouse that is hard to kill. This is the authority that he had as a leader, and it shows that he abuses it whenever he can.

Fly-monster: A horrific insect that rebuilds itself via absorbing zombies. This shows his determination, stubbornness, and his unwillingness to give up or die. "

Another thing is; the relationship between carla and j'avos reminds me of one of the files in recv where alexia talks about her being queen ant and her slaves being soldier and worker ants. I can imagine carla being queen ant and her j'avos being soldier / worker ants.


Carla just so happened to have similar genetics to Ada, and Simmons used her to create his Ada clone.
So sorry for reviving this but this part is a bit wrong. Carla simply had compatible genetics for c-virus; not similar genetics to ada.

Simmons had obtained ada's dna samples ( She worked for him before cutting ties with him due to getting disgusted by him being the one who ordered the bombing of raccoon. Simmons could have obtained them during that time period. ) before beginning the project ada experiments.

The project umbrella pages for simmons and carla has sentences like this:

" ...using DNA samples he obtained of her. "

" ...using Wong's DNA with the C-virus as a retroviral vector. "

The source for this is simmons' " Combine the dna sequence with the cocoon's bio-structure. " sentence at ada chapter 4.

I wonder what he says in og japanese script.

But anyways; just dropping this here.


"The cord protruding from the cervical vertebrae is the J'avo's third eye, which it can use to cause mutations in other parts of its body, sense enemies, and communicate with fellow J'avo from a distance. The mask also keeps the J'avo's body temperature in check so that it doesn't get too hot, which would cause it to morph into a cocoon." — The Art Director's Notebook, Neo-Umbrella Soldier



Might as well drop this here too.



I will share this here for people who want to see the improved version.



Idk why ı forgot to share these videos here before but here they are. The last one about chrysalid is recently released.
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