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OT The proud owner of every U.S. #1 horror movie available!

Other than "lost films" that aren't anywhere, I have every horror film considered a number one in American film history since 1922.

The weekend box office started more so in 1982. So the older films I collected are taken from Variety's top 50 films chart, that they published from 1969 to around 1981, and also via their grosses for any prior years.


Just awaiting the last one in the post, and The Invisible Man will be my first DVD of the 2020s when it releases on home media. ;)





I guess I have that certified badge. :p
At one point, I had nearly every horror film with a sequel too, but I had to part ways with them after getting so many. But I did have a lot of J-Horror flicks. ;)

Since Box Office Mojo recently updated their site, this list is somewhat wrong now. They're correcting things all the time.
There's a chance films could make less than $400 at the box office, as not all theatres are closed, but they will still make money that has to be noted for historical reasons. For example, The Invisible Man is back to number one this week.
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