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Movies The forgotten Resident Evil animated movie!

I said it before and I will say it again; They should bring this virus back into the canon with RE9, even if they would have to rename it or change its origins (like having Uroboros combined with G-Virus for the most lethal virus to date that marriages Wesker and Birkins final work). RE copied almost every horror trope at this point so why not double down on The Thing? If people can get behind vampires, werewolves, and superpowers why not the Cameron Virus?
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It's an interesting movie, particularly the end part where one of the soldiers gets killed by the other infected soldier but ı still prefer degeneration and damnation since they take place in new locations and in my opinion, they explore leon's character much more interestingly due to suga working on them. By comparison, the later movies that feature leon feel less character driven but instead they feel more centered around the flashbacks given to the new antagonists. If executer took place in a new location rather than raccoon with a much more extended run time, ı think ı could have considered the best cgi movie but as it stands, ı still prefer degeneration and damnation cause they are much more enjoyable to watch to me.
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