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General Skyrim Evil Mansion

Has anyone played the Evil Mansion mod on Skyrim? It adds a mansion into the game that is a pretty faithful recreation of the original Arklay Mansion, with a Dormitory and Lab area. While it does take liberties due to Skyrim's assets, it was pretty fun to go through it, especially with a gun mod I had. It also comes with great npcs, such as Leonardus and Joanna Valentyne. It has maps, keys, Cerberus, Hunters, and a Tyrant at the end. The only thing I thought was a little weird was that you fight living humans throughout the space, but it was alright. 8.5/10, would recommend.


I'll have to try this one, this looks spectacular. I helped older member Cryptic or Frankie do his mansion in Halo Reach for Infection. The one that truly took the cake was L4D2's though, it was spot on right down to the puzzles and you can co-op it. Fantastic community work.
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