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RE:4 Separate Ways reveal soon?

I'm predicting Separate Ways (Ada's campaign in RE4) will be revealed at either the PlayStation Showcase this Wednesday or Summer Games Fest in early June. RE4 remake was originally revealed in a PlayStation State of Play so this coming big Showcase could be where we get our first look at Separate Ways and a release date. I'm really hoping they extend the campaign more than the original and that it's coming out soon!
Has anyone found data to suggest it's coming? It's probably inevitable, but I said that about Trish and Lady for DMC5.
Has anyone found data to suggest it's coming? It's probably inevitable, but I said that about Trish and Lady for DMC5.
Yes there was a folder discovered called "_AnotherOrder" which was the title in Japan:
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I wouldn’t be surprised if they postponed or canned it altogether. After the drama between Lily Gao and the fandom I would imagine Capcom wouldn’t like that very much, especially with the way she reacted and took a hard leftist approach towards her criticism’s. All she had to do was keep quiet, but she revealed her hand which has shown her arrogance and immaturity.

It’s true there were some harsh comments on her socials but not ALL of them were bad ones, where they openly offered constructive criticisms towards her performance. Instead of filtering out only the bad comments, she filtered ALL comments and played the entitlement card.

She has a right to be upset but taking it out on the fandom itself? Big yikes. It’s a mess that I can imagine will cost her any possibility of reprising as Ada in the future.
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This is only true if she didn't record all the dialogue already and it's just sitting on a server waiting.

I didn't realise she had said more about it though. Fans were dumb for going out on a social media meltdown, but it's also dumb to say the performance was done so woodenly to portray Ada in a more ... realistic light? I'm honestly not sure what she's saying. It's Resident Evil not a deep character study. If anything there needed to be consistency with RE2R rather than any new take, but that's just me. Charisma and energy comes first, this is true for the whole cast and is why so many are much better in the original.
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Wasn't aware of this thread, sorry. If there's any shot now we know it'll be 6/12 at the Capcom Showcase. With SF6 already out we know that won't eat much much time at all, so it's really down to SW and DD2.

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I think we are bound to get something related to RE at SGF, giving how RE is the top franchise with Capcom.

Unfortunately, like everything to do with Capcom, it's all a waiting game. :p
This makes me happy :giggle:

I was worried it wasn't going to happen and that we would only get a Mercenaries update.

Only a week to wait, I'm ready!
Seems rushed just like RE:3 with it being a measly 6 months from original release. I won’t hold high hopes for it too much as that always sets me up for disappointment. The new Wesker and Ada voices still don’t sit well with me, not sure what they were thinking making them so vastly different when they used to make an effort to recast people who sounded similar. I hope that it proves me wrong though.
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