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RE8 Rosemary Winters = Heather Mason?

Both series borrowed a great deal from each other, I would argue. I see Leon and Ashley dressed as Maria and James in RE:4 mods and it feels natural considering bio4 has a lot in common with SH2. This of course extends to BIO7 and VIL. Cults isolated from the world plotting to seize authority, the search for a missing female, foggy atmosphere, and whatnot.
People have been comparing the two different series for years, under the assumption Capcom and Konami are rivals because of their genre kings and queens. But RE has sold a massively larger amount of games. Like, so, so many more.

Konami's franchise is definitely the scarier of the two, and that's okay. But the commercial success has evaded it. I don't think many people would doubt that's the case.

They are nothing alike anyway. In Silent Hill's mythology, you fight demonic things in a fog shrouded town, and while you do collect keys and solve puzzles in both series, they are otherwise radically different in terms of the plot.

In Raccoon City and whatnot, you deal with a viral outbreak or people being controlled by something or someone. And yeah. There's some similar gameplay aspects.

Anyway, I only can manage to come here sporadically, starting soon. This is because I am doing away with my broadband for being way too slow, and fibre ain't available for me. So I will just be using cheap mobile data and public WiFi, but my mobile data will not be unlimited. So I will maybe only be online to banter about stuff when there's interesting news about something to do with RE, or other horror games...
Never played any of silent hill games but the protagonist of 3rd game reminds me of sherry in re6 quite a lot. I've even seen mods for her in that game and ı think they fit really well. As for re7 and revillage, ı dont like the decision of western writers being hired for their scripts, they feel less like a continuation of the previous tokusatsu style but more like recycling of western media in regards to writing.
You should try 2 and 3. :)

Even the original is great, but the old graphics may put you off.
I've seen brief clips of them and they turn me off. Compared to every other re entry, any silent hill game by comparison is much more scary and a lot more disturbing while re games by comparison are a lot more action oriented filled with a lot of drama. This of course applies from re1 to re6 cause starting with re7, they imitate tropes from western horror media much more and they dont feel like they fit to the series when compared to past.

I remember watching this and at one point tgbs compares the game to silent hill 2. Even though silent hill 2 came after survivor. That part got me laugh out loud a lot.
Personally, I would love to see The Evil Within revived, as it's like SH and RE combined.
Would you say that re4 is inspired by silent hill 2 plotwise? Apparently both games dont have much to do with the past storyline and this is another aspect that carries on to re7 and revillage? I still dont know about the plot of those games that much and ı only remember the protagonist of the 3rd game who reminds me of sherry in re6 but other than that, not much really. I think this is another reason why re engine direction is even more meant to be a direct follow up to re4 storywise, they even play more similar to re4 than other games in the series really.
I don't think RE4 is. Maybe they copied RE7, because of Mia's message to Ethan. I think 4 was inspired by science fiction movies such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

I think Silent Hill was inspired by the Clive Barker story Hellraiser and Jacob's Ladder with Tim Robbins played a big part in the ideas as well. Konami also received inspiration from a movie called The Legend of Hell House.
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