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General Returns I would like to see...

Caffeine Addict

1. Ada Wong.

2. Jake Muller.

3. Billy Coen.

4. Carlos Oliveira.

5. Sheva Alomar / Josh Stone.

6. Natalia Korda / Barry Burton.

Some of these characters could be used for the more action heavy games.

An honourable mention goes to Ark Thompson.


I want ada to appear in a story without leon too. Leon appeared in new stories without ada but ada never appeared in stories without leon. I always wanted surviving stars cast to reunite in a new story together and ı also wanted chris and claire to appear in a new numbered game story that would explore their relationship. If the family would come back, ı would prefer leon, helena, sherry and hunnigan to reunite as well as more government agents. Seeing grown up claire and sherry interacting would be nice as well.

Caffeine Addict

I bet Capcom won't have the balls to have Alex kill off Barry.

It would make for a great revenge storyline with Claire and Moira. But Capcom doesn't like to take those sort of risks.

Barry is getting old. Make his death a dignified one.
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