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RE8 Resident Evil Village's 1 year anniversary is fast approaching...

They've been keeping us in the dark for months about its development.

I remember they announced the DLC in June. This was during E3 as well. So it just goes to show how long ago that was...
Taking over a year to develop free RE8 DLC and Re:Verse makes me very suspicious what they are planning next. I’m scared for this franchise more than I have ever been in the past.
Capcom should have continued the storyline with the Connections from RE7, because we get a long wait between games, and they can never seem to stick to the straight and narrow. Then they made RE8 mostly unrelated to 7. Although they do reveal a big surprise about Ethan. But it was really all about these various lords and Mother Miranda, and Chris Redfield and Duke. So it really had nothing to do with the ending to RE7. It felt like another side story.
So odd there's no news on the DLC yet, I'm tempted to imagine that it's coming paired with a trailer/reveal for RE 4 Remake or Revelations 3, similar to when the Village demo was released and had a full trailer when you reach the end of the playable section.
I was looking forward to the apparent spin off with Rebecca Chambers. The story sounded more reminiscent of RE. Plus, well, she's Rebecca. I'm not against having new characters brought in, but I want to actually see them in the flesh. I want to see Ethan Winters. But there's a lot of characters I want to see returning, like Billy Coen. I'd rather have Sheva over Ethan.

It shouldn't take a camera mod to allow people to see what his face looks like. If he did somehow survive, are they just going to keep obscuring him?
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