Resident Evil Village: Exclusive Look At How Upgrades Work

Black Phillip! Black Phillip! 🐐

I heard that the director of Resident Evil Village also worked on Jack's 55th Birthday. Apparently, the team took this idea, added a hunt from The Struggle and made a tribute to Resident Evil 4 with fish.

It looks interesting.
I wonder if chickens will randomly drop eggs like they do in re4 and re5. Also it would be cool if rotten egg existed and you could throw it at basic enemies which would instantly kill them like in re5.
What type of fish is that? Trout? 🐟

I also wonder if chickens can lay golden eggs. Don't forget that RE4 also has the bad eggs. I also think it's funny how the pigs you are meant to shoot, can attack you. How's that for a GAME OVER screen? 😋

Looks 100 times better than RE7. 🏚
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