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General Resident Evil mods

Came across an article on DSOG You can now play as 2B from NieR Automata in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Modder ‘TXYI’ has released a new 2B NieR Automata mod for Resident Evil 2 Remake. This mod replaces Claire’s Noir DLC costume, comes with full physics effects, and it’s a must-have mod for all NieR Automata and Resident Evil 2 PC fans.

Read more on DSOGaming.com


RespawnFirst website lists and details the best RE:2 Remake mods, such as:

Experience The Horror In First-Person

The Classic Inventory

Throw Some Color On Those Weapons

Cinematic ReShade, HDR, and Color Adjustment

Bring Back Nemesis

Claire Goes All Natural

All Natural Ada Wong

Claire Noir With Transparent Shirt, Adult Version

PG-13 Leon

Beachboy X Comes to Town
RetroUnlim.com writes about new Barry's Mod 2.0 (previous being 1.6 release) and linking a trailer of it on Youtube

user Aydan Watkins on Youtube writes:

"Here is the official trailer for Resident Evil – Barry’s Mod v2.0!

+ Play As Barry Burton
+ Completely Re-written Story Cutscenes
+ New Character & Monster Textures
+ New Music & Sound Effects
+ New Puzzle Solutions
+ Added New Details To Some Rooms
+ Changed Zombie Locations & Attacks
+ Changed Item Locations
+ New Starting Items
+ Changed Title Screen Details
+ Changed Photos On Item Screen & S.T.A.R.S Cards
+ Files have background images
+ Save screen now shows Barry’s name
+ High Resolution FMV Movie Files
+ Changed Ending Movies"

Here's a story of developer who didn't give up on remastering Resident Evil games, featured on Kotaku.

Remastering Resident Evil Games Kept This Indie Developer From Giving Up

Resident Evil is one of the biggest and most important names in video game horror. The first three games in Capcom’s survival horror series defined a genre and influenced generations of developers and players. So it’s strange how hard it is to play the original trilogy on modern hardware. It’s a problem that would largely remain unsolved if it weren’t for independent developers like Mathieu Philippe, who recently helped remaster Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in his spare time.

Philippe was an unlikely candidate for remastering Resident Evil games. His first Resident Evil experience was Code: Veronica, and he only played two other entries: Resident Evil 4 and this year’s remake of Resident Evil 2. But after many attempts to get his own projects off the ground, that remake inspired him to begin his work remastering classic games.

Read full story on Kotaku

User called ELGADO2K has made 90's graphic mod for Resident Evil 2 (2019) to low-end comnputers and laptops, so the game would runs easier.

LINK: GameWatchers

New mod of R2: Remake allows you to do anything

Play Crazy Game writes:

by Abhishek Pratap


The modder community has always been very active towards Resident Evil 2 Remake. After the launch, they took a few days to create the first mods that could change characters, but as the months went by they got better and better, and today we are talking about Ultimate Trainer for Resident Evil 2 Remake PC.

It is an incredibly powerful tool that allows all its users to intervene on an avalanche of different parameters. It is possible, for example, to modify the FOV (field of view), enable manual management of the torch, modify characters and costumes on the fly, and even apply real ” cheats “, such as invisibility, removal of the refill, endless ammunition and single-shot killings. It also allows you to use a universal key for all locks, block countdowns, change difficulty and inventory items, and much, much more.

It is, of course, a mod specifically addressed to players who have already completed the adventure several times and who discovered all the possibilities offered by the game of Capcom, and who are therefore looking for new incentives to continue playing. If you are interested and are a freak, you can download the Ultimate Trainer tool on the dedicated page of Nexus Mods, where you will also find all the installation instructions.

(Sources: www.playcrazygame.com )
GTA 5 mod adds Ada Wong

DSOGAMING website writes: "This mod allows players to control Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2 Remake. This is an amazing mod as it has full facial animation and Ada’s model is fully rigged. Moreover, the mod contains 2 outfits with variation textures, 2 Hair styles and working Hair Physics."

Read full story on DSOGAMING and download/more details about the mod here.

(Sources: dsogaming.com, gta5-mods.com, youtube )
Untitled Goose modded into Resident Evil 2


destructoid.com writes:

by Chris Moyse:

"Resident Evil 2 modder Alister/ZombiAli - who you may remember from the notorious Thomas the Tank Engine mod - may be taking things a little too far. ZombiAli's latest project seeks to replace the terrifying Mr. X with the equally terrifying Goose. The Gif below shows the mod in action as Goose, all wide-winged and dead-eyed, comes barrelling down the corridor towards poor Claire Redfield."

(Sources: destructoid.com, Twitter )
New RE 2 Mod Swaps Mr. X to Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

We Got This Covered writes:

by Eric Joseph

"If you love both Resident Evil and Ghostbusters, this one’s for you, because the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is the latest behemoth to terrorize Raccoon City."

"video uploaded to “Albert_Fn_Wesker’s” YouTube channel, a goth Claire Redfield can be seen pursued by something thought harmless from our childhood: Mr. Stay Puft. And as it turns out, he’s simply massive, taking up quite a bit of space in the Main Hall of the Raccoon Police Department. Not only that, but the classic Ghostbusters theme accompanies him."

Read the whole article here

(sources: wegotthiscovered.com, Youtube [1] [2],
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