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Gun Survivor Resident Evil Dead Aim Tribute [GMV]



I just realized this person's recurring work as a writer. It seems he returned to both re0 and dead aim after recv. Interesting.

After thinking more about it, ı started to warm up to dead aim more due to this. I think it's underrated, more so due to being a sequel with the new playable protagonists without being centered around a recurring antagonists. I still wished it had leon and ada though but ı think bruce and fong ling with what they are given make a fine impression. I wished they appeared in re6.


I also changed my mind about dead aim receiving a re engine treatment. No ı dont want that either. I still wouldnt be bothered that much if remake got one though.

Caffeine Addict

I think they're more likely to remake Outbreak. It's something the fans have been begging for. I don't think the other spin offs are old enough, or require a new coat of paint.

I found it strange how Sheena Island was mentioned at the beginning of RE0. That come as a surprise when I heard that opening narrative.

It's a title that only the most die hard of RE aficionados can immediately recall.
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