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OT Resident Evil And The Current Lottery

For those in America, the Power Ball jackpot is at $343M. If for some slim chance you were to win, what Resident Evil dreams are you willing to make come true?

For me,
I would first get myself off disability (I have to by law if I had that kind of money)
Build the Resident Evil mansion from the first original game with some cool add-ons like a man cave for arcades, pinball and a bowling alley and a safari style pool instead of a courtyard.
Stop job searching and just live life to the fullest. Just me, my best friend, my Arklay mansion and cold beer.
Finish my Resident Evil collection
Finish my Ninja Turtle comic book and action figure collection and turn the mansion library into a Resident Evil and Ninja Turtle museum.
Split up the first million among Wounded Warriors, and no-kill animal shelters in donations, because I'm pro military and pro animals.
Buy up a collection of arcades, pinball machines, vending machines (snack and soda) and neon signs to go in the basement man cave.


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