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RE8 Resident Evil 8


Capcom is seemingly doing more Remakes of the old classic RE games. But what about Resident Evil 8?
What do you think it will be? Would be nice to hear everyones ideas, thoughts, hopes and nots, what new you wanna see... everything to do with upcoming game!

— story/plot
— gameplay and controls
— old and new main characters
— what timeline in the series
— overall settings
— VR/non-VR
— enemies
— release date/year
I want a direct sequel to RE7, but given how long it takes Capcom to make 8, I doubt that will happen. Honestly I expect another soft reboot like 7 was. Anything else will surprise me.
I think 8 will be a direct follow up to 7, so as far as characters we'll probably get Chris again. Maybe even Ethan (but not likely). It'll probably be OTS because that's what Capcom seems to be interested in (and I believe they have even said they won't do first person for a main entry again). As far as release date..... I'd say give it about 2-3 years.
I haven't put much of a thought to this personally, because every time I have some ideas and hopes they get crushed when the game is revealed. But, I would like to see something like RE:2 (2019).

- The gameplay and controls is what I like in RE:2 (2019), and I would like RE:8 to be something as the older games were in the 90's, but made like RE:2 (2019).
- Located in a big, various and complicated place where player have to find keys, fight zombies and monsters.
- Story can be anything at this point.
- I would like to see completely new characters and nothing old.
- This could be a chance Capcom to put new ideas, settings and characters and make them part of the RE series.
- I could see the game being in some kind of secret lab or a place that holds a secret lab that also tried to invent some kind of new virus. - The timeline could be set in the 90's, maybe before the whole Raccoon City thing?
- I don't think the VR is working with this kind of game, though.
its a fact that Capcom is making this game, and all evidence suggests it will be a nextgen title (PS5/Xbox Scarlett). 7 was more of a self-contained game in terms of story but i hope they try to extend their scope with 8 but most importantly bring new mechanics that change the way fans of the survival horror game genre feel.
I understand that many fans consider RE 2 Remake the pinnacle of RE in terms of gameplay... things like the aiming precise shots and how the developers fine tuned the difficulty so zombies are tougher and smarter, Mr. X menacing presence felt throughout the entire game, etc... These elements are awesome but i also expect 8 to throw unexpected things at the player...
for instance: completely surprising missions suppose your character finds a baby and in such scenario you must ensure the baby survives and returns to its mother... you have to carry the baby in a bag, but once in a while the baby will feel hungry so you need to give his baby bottle or else he will cry very loud and because of that monsters hear you and will attempt to take the baby from you. But also the baby could provide an important stealth element since after feeding him twice he will need to pee and you can cover yourself with his pee and the smell will trick enemies similar to lickers into thinking you're one of them temporarily allowing you to escape. after a while you succeed in taking the baby to his mother and she gives you an item for it, but if the baby dies his mom tries to kill you and you will end up wasting your ammo to escape and get zero items in return.

Other zany situations to add to the plot: after completing 1/3 of the game your character obtains a special weapon that charges itself with monster dna, so killing a group of 4 monsters you collect their dna to charge the weapon but when you use the weapon it has 3 possible outcomes: one is you shrink an enemy so he becomes weak and easy to kill with a knife or one shot, another is you turn the enemy into a walking bomb (he explodes after 2 seconds and hits whatever is in his proximity), and the third is that a few specific monters, like dogs or wasps, can be hypnotized by this weapon and this enables you to perform actions with them temporarily, letting you break walls, or activating traps to help kill other monsters, etc.
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RE8 is definitely happening and I think it'll be coming next year unless the RE3 Remake happens first. Story wise, I want a continuation of RE7 involving Blue Umbrella and The Connections. Ethan doesn't have to return but I would welcome him. Another brand new character would be nice as well. I do want more cameos than just Chris at the end this time though and am hoping for maybe Leon or Jill to show up and interact with the player halfway through the game. Then there can be a playable section near the end of the game where we take control of the characters we know and love.

Gameplay wise, I want more of either RE7 or RE2 Remake. Give me a big open area to explore filled with puzzles, backtracking and enemies. While I didn't mind the molded in RE7, they became dull and were easily one of my biggest complaints of that game. Hopefully RE8 will have more enemy variety and more interesting enemy designs in general. I want classic zombies back as the main enemies of the series. RE2 Remake showed that they can still be very dangerous even with modern controls and I think they should stay. Then you can throw ontop of them all kinds of crazy monster and creature designs to throw you off guard. It's been a long time since I've felt that the series has had a new iconic monster such as the Licker or Hunter and its time to fix that. I'd be fine with first person or third person but I'd be lying if I said I didn't prefer third. The game doesn't need to be VR for me personally. I never bought a PS VR but I'm sure people out there enjoyed it so as an option like RE7 had might be nice.


It's funny, the series is at an all time high as far as having a unified identity finally, yet whenever a new title is on the horizon there always seems to be a clash between styles. Despite RE7 and RE:2 having a unified atmosphere, we now have two modern and successful approaches at the same end goal. I'd argue RE:2's formula felt the most true to what I loved about the series, but it's also building on a classic. RE7 brought the series back to its roots before RE:2 even had came out which says a lot.

Ultimately if I had to pick I'd go with the RE:2 formula and stick with it going forward, seeing your character and their design has always been a big part of the series and the gameplay was extremely fluid. Perhaps RE7's engine for a side title with an unnamed or less important character when VR becomes more mainstream. RE7 was very special for the series and I'll always go back to it and appreciate it for what it was, though I'm content with RE:2's engine.
Hopefully this will go back to the traditional third person perspective, but be totally horror again, along the lines of The Evil Within creepiness factor. The last several games haven't pulled that off. 7: Biohazard being less about action (other than the DLC) was a great start. I'm glad Capcom has something to work with, at least.


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I would craft it as a continuation of RE7. Ethan has already established himself among the main cast. This sequel can further explore and flesh him out as more of a character and less of an avatar (similar to Isaac in Dead Space going from 1 to 2). Introduce a plot that has him entangled in the outbreak again. Start out in a lab and work backwards unlocking puzzles and new pathways until you reach a mansion/government building/police station. Make your way out of that and into the city. Create a secondary subplot involving Chris and/or Jill staging a rescue from the other side as they lead a team of Umbrella troops.

From a storytelling perspective I'd also craft Ethan as a secret antagonist. Someone who, like Mia, knows more than his Bio lets on about himself. An agent very familiar with weaponry and with a hidden objective.
I found an article on Game Rant:

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Should this end up sucking for any reason, I'll be calling it Resident Evil AIDS.

I don't think we'll be seeing it in stores any day soon. :unsure:

The large gap between numbered sequels is getting bigger now. You can't really count any Revelations title they released, as they are side story games. However, at least their budget is on par with the main series too. So with those, I'm fine with the wait.
Was anybody disappointed with how Capcom redesigned Chris?

I was, actually. I hated that puffed Chris in RE:5. I liked him in the REmake, I think he should've stayed like that. We all have some kind of "idea" of characters that aren't real and mine of Chris was confused after RE:5 and sisappointd in RE:7.
I never liked Leon, He just doesn't click for me. I like more the females (propably something to do with my sexuality), Claire, Helena, Ada, (I don't like Ashley; LEEOOOON!!), Sherry, Jill and Sheva (one of my favourites, she should come back).

Talking about characters; the dude from RE:7 that I can't remember, Ethan?, is completely unclear to be how he looks, since the game is first-person. He's might've been shown at some point, but I don't recall how he looks at all. That is the problem with first-person games.
I didn't like that either, and while I'm glad they used a new character, he wasn't that interesting in general. The other playable protagonists (including ones in comparably bad games like Ark Thompson) were at least interesting. Fongling for example, had more of a personality. The same with Kevin Ryman, or even the mouse in Code: Veronica.
RE8 should primarily deal with The Connections and the Mold's origins, and really use the hallucination concept to it's fullest in conjunction with real monsters. Meanwhile drop more hints on BU. I don't really care who the protagonist is.
Gameplay should build off either/both RE7 or/and RE2make.
You can't really count any Revelations title they released, as they are side story games. However, at least their budget is on par with the main series too. So with those, I'm fine with the wait.
Actually it's backwards: Revelations are budget games; and CAPCOM consider them main titles, not side games.
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Yep. That makes sense, and now that we have the Blue "good" Umbrella involved, we should focus on that. I wouldn't want another game where random stuff is inserted into the story, and it goes nowhere in the end. At least now they have something worthwhile to work with, unlike with some of the prior games, that were mostly their own thing in a sense. Also, meeting the head of this operation would be ideal, so we can get a regular villain again.
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