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RE6 Resident Evil 6, but it's retro!


Yeah ı saw it. I think it looks terrible. It seems to be one created as a way to mock the game in an attempt to please the game's pessimistic critics. If they wanted to create the game with pre-4 style; it could have done through outbreak games' styles at least. The games that greatly improve from past games due to sasaki's direction before working on re6 later. Rather than blatantly imitating alone in the dark / sweet home for like 6 times. Mikami didnt work on those games and it shows. They are the only survival games in the series imo. They feel like a nice sendoff to pre-4 style. Re6 could have been that to action style as well as the entire series but thanks to those survival horror elitists; capcom forced a " reboot " to the series with pointless reach for the moon as a way to imitate past games by producing re4 remakes constantly. And yet here is re4 getting a re engine treatment. It doesnt need to be done on re engine since it looks modern enough and the game was ported enough. As far as ı'm concerned; the only actual remake is 2002 game. Lisa trevor alone makes it a remake to me.
I don't really like the new RE games. They are far too dark. There's a lot of other reasons why I don't hold them in high regards, but it's mainly over how they look and play.

Old RE games had great atmosphere, but at least you could see where you were going. The guns had more of a punchy feel as well. The gun sounds in RE8 sound like a toy pistol.

This was better explained in NightCrawler's latest video on his YouTube account.

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