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RE:3 Resident Evil 3 available in some stores in France, translated leaks in this thread.


Word is the game is already available in some Parisian stores because of the current pandemic so some people got their hands on it and are currently talking about it in French internet communities. As a native French speaker I thought I would translate what's leaked so far and post it all here in this thread in spoiler tags.
Please remember to take those leaks with a grain of salt, although I'm sure they're a good source to base your expectations of the game on.

Game will start in Jill's apartment as the city is falling.
We'll see a few characters from both RE2 Remake and the series in general (the source of the leaks wouldn't specify who).
Just like in the original game, Nemesis is here to inflict damage and you can't outrun him.
Game on normal is in general easier than RE2 Remake was.
There is plenty of ammo to go around but you'll use a lot in some stressful situations.
The first boss fight is two hours in, the boss in question being Nemesis.
Carlos' segment is more horror-oriented than the game ever is with Jill.
Can't dismember zombies with the knife anymore.
Events and places visited in the remake are very different from the original for the most part, it feels like a totally different game.
Two new difficulty modes in addition to Hardcore, "Hell" and "Nightmare" ("Enfer" and "Cauchemar" in French respectively).
Jill will not enter the clock tower.
No Raccoon Park.
Weapons are: knife, fragmentation grenades, flash grenades, upgradable shotgun, glock 19, glock 18 that fires in burst mode, grenade launcher (that you can also use as a mine launcher) and the desert eagle.
You will be able to earn points in the game by completing challenges and use said points to unlock items to increase your health, the damage you deal or even infinite ammo for your guns in a way reminiscent of Mercenaries in the original.

Other leaks for which their veracity has to be verified:
No alternate costumes in the game. They might be included as DLC (?).
No Operation: Mad Jackal or other bonus modes.
The points you earn by completing challenges might also be used to buy weapons and skins.
1148(Sauvegardes = "saves", Morts = "deaths")
1150("Total game time")

Original source: http://www.jeuxvideo.com/forums/42-3018326-62465045-1-0-1-0-mon-avis-en-avance.htm
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