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RE:2 Resident Evil 2 Remake -fan UDK proj-



What do everyone think of these? I remember watching these back in the day, they were interesting. Though ı dont like the fact that he changes claire's outfit to one of the alternative ones from darkside chronicles. I prefer the re2 version and ı like seeing claire without her vest and seeing sherry wearing her vest.

Honestly ı wouldnt have mind if capcom remade re2 in this way...
Those are always neat, but Capcom is one of those companies that doesnt really care what the fans are asking for, and just lets their developers do their own thing. If people didnt like 2make as much as they do, then they might have done 3make differently or took another shot at it a few years down the road. But now we have 2 reimaginings out, and a probable third one coming out later.
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