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So ı finished playing re4's ps2 version on pcsx2.

I used to be quite annoyed at the gameplay due to awkward structure of it but ı've warmed up to it as ı played it and managed to finish the game at another platform.

I think ı overall enjoyed the ride but it still felt quite annoying in some aspects. I still dont agree with statements like " It's a masterpiece! " , Very revolutionary! " , " Greatest of all time! " but ı wouldnt say it ruined the franchise either. I would rather try to find a middle ground but the game isnt one of my favourites anymore like how it used to be.

The weapons that ı used were silver ghost, shotgun, rifle, tmp ( with stock ) , red9 ( with stock ) , broken butterfly, semi auto rifle, mine thrower ( with scope though ı sold it when ı arrived on island to free up space. I also didnt get exclusive upgrade since that decreases freedom. ) and striker. I also relied on grenades and rockets in multiple occasions. I didnt want to use other weapons cause ı didnt find them that useful.

I played the game with infinite ammo and infinite gold cheats, that made the experience more comfortable to play.

The previous annoyances that ı had with the game still applies here. I still dont like the game keeping tank controls while not allowing moving and shooting, low melee variety, not being able to use the knife in stylish fashion like how it can be done with certain enemies during normal gameplay, not being able to freely dodge, low rapid-fire weapon variety ( I wished there were proper assault rifles in the game. ) etc.

As for enemies, the only ones ı like are plaga head mutations, garrador, novistador, regenerador, iron maiden, mendez's mutant form, verdugo and krauser.

A lot of people say village is the strongest part while also saying that the game's quality drops at castle and island. I had a different type of experience. I personally enjoyed the later parts more this time, even more so as ı obtained more weapons and eventually upgraded them to max. Broken butterfly felt incredibly satisfying to use, especially with infinite ammo cheat. It's not a weapon that ı used that much during my previous plays on my older pc due to its slow reload speed while costing a lot more to upgrade than killer7 however ı decided to give rely on it more and it made the experience more satisfying.

For ashley, ı didnt have much problem with her gameplaywise ( Though ı still dont like her cause she's barely a character and she still gets captured at certain points in the story while making leon look like an amateur. ) but one part that ı dont like is water room in the castle. I despise that room a lot. I also cant stand to that room in island where you use a giant ball to destroy a wall in order to open a path. Previously ı left ashley behind so that she wouldnt get hurt / kidnapped by enemies but most of the time, one ganado picked her when ı called her after ı thought the area was clean though thankfully ı stopped him. This time this didnt happen thankfully.

I also want to criticise the inventory system. I think some weapons take unnecessary space. Red9 for example takes more space than other handguns and its stock takes even more. I wished these stocks and scopes didnt take space in inventory and instead had their own separate slots. I also cant stand that you cant have every weapon in inventory even when it's fully upgraded nor you can store them to a separate place like how it can be done in re5 and re6.

I dont have much new to say storywise. Leon and ada are the best part of it. I like luis and krauser but they could have been utilized better ı think. I dont care much for ashley or los iluminados really. I dont care much for this whole umbrella revival plot either.

But anyway, ı finished leon's story today. I'll finish separate ways later on and depending on to my enjoyment, ı might also replay them through new game+. Idk if ı would bother with assignment ada or the mercenaries though. I dont find them that necessary to play really.
Alright so ı finished separate ways as of now. Overall my feelings for it are the same. Storywise ı like it more than main game portion but gameplaywise it doesnt have as much value as leon's portion imo. Still cant stand that you cant improve weapons but ı still think it's better than jill's dlcs in re5.

From chapters ı only like chapter 1, 2 and 4. Chapter 3 is too short and chapter 5 is ruined by gatling man ganados, krauser and saddler.

One thing that really bothered me though is bowgun didnt have infinite ammo unlike other weapons. The cheat didnt work on it, ı'm guessing the game treats it as more like a grenade / rocket launcher rather than a weapon with ammo. I couldnt utilize it that much due to this.

Cutscene graphics actually looked better than hd steam version's ones though. They also felt more consistent.

But anyway imo my score for it would be 7 / 10. I think it's a good game but it's flawed and at the same time, annoying in some aspects.

I still think re5 and especially re6 are better than re4.
I think they're going to drastically improve the RE4 remake. I think for once, they'll listen to us, because RE4 is highly popular. They know they cannot take a dump on it like they did with 3, and 2 to a lesser extent. But even 2 was wrecked.
I think they're going to drastically improve the RE4 remake. I think for once, they'll listen to us, because RE4 is highly popular. They know they cannot take a dump on it like they did with 3, and 2 to a lesser extent. But even 2 was wrecked.
I'm not interested for re engine version of it personally. I enjoy og game for what it is despite its quite share of annoyance.

Since ı dont like remake nor re engine version of re2 and re3 that much, it's safe to say that ı wont like upcoming re:4 either.
I'm still sceptical whether it's a passion project, or yet another cash grab.

Capcom often says things, to get you initially invested in a game. Only when it's time to play it, you can see they just said some stuff as bait. Hopefully that won't be the case here.

I have never liked RE4. Never. I did not think it would ultimately ruin the series the way it did, but if they corrected those faults, it wouldn't matter. A remake is just a retelling, and probably doesn't count.

Ok so ı decided to play assignment ada and ı managed to finish it. I took damage but ı didnt die thankfully. Now ı unlocked chicago typewriter for ada as well.

I never liked that mode that much personally. While ı like ada's new outfit which is better than red dress imo; you cant unlock it for ada's story nor her mercenaries outfit which later appeared in chronicles games. That always bothered me.

However the codebreaker that ı'm using allows to switch outfits. Maybe ı should try that to change ada's outfit though it will probably not be shown in cutscenes.
So ı'm replying to this old thread again but here are my recorded playlists with re4's ps2 port that ı played on pcsx2 emulator:




The version ı played this time was europe version rather than us version that seems to be more difficult than the other versions of the game. When ı played us version, ı didnt enjoy the gameplay that much but after playing europe version multiple times, ı found myself liking ps2 version more. Personally ı think it's better than ps4 port that ı still strongly dislike so much that it made me want to try the game's gamecube version on dolphin emulator at the time. I also recorded a session of that too but there arent any re4 threads about gamecube version that ı can see here so maybe ı might share that somewhere else another time.

I still dislike saddler boss fight from ada's pov but the death scenes look unique for a boss fight.
Now that ı think about it, ı think ı remembered a moment during my pcsx2 playthrough.

Here ı got attacked by krauser without taking into account that he can spawn at this position again even if you trigger the same spawn position before. I got grabbed by behind and ı thought ı was gonna die but krauser's throat swipe didnt instant kill leon. I didnt know it was possible to survive that attack if qte wouldnt be succeeded. Either that or my adaptive difficulty wasnt high enough to cause instant kill. I wasnt even wearing the vest cause ı always found that unnecessary but even without that, ı still survived the attack. Krauser pretty much pulled a " Wesker you're pitiful! " move out of nowhere.
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