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RE3 RE3 A Rank

I finally managed to get A rank for Resident Evil 3. It took me several days and a lot of luck, but things went my way just enough to win. I only saved twice, used only single green herbs, and I only fought Nemesis three times so that I could get the handgun and to get around him. Afterwards I decided to mess around on Mercenaries just enough to get the Infinite Assault Riflex and now I'm playing through it again with the Dino Crisis costume and making sure to kill every enemy, including Nemesis.


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Congrats. Are you planning to unlock more from mercenaries? I recommend unlocking rocket launcher and infinite ammo as well. You dont need to bother with gatling gun though, ı dont find it that useful.
Thanks. I do in the future, but for right now I'm going to relax. Most of my runs in Mercenaries were failures, so I just kept trying over and over until I got enough. I'm probably going to unlock one weapon at a time and then try them out in more runs so I can get the epilogues.
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