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General RE YouTubers


Who are some of your favorite YouTubers pertaining to the Resident Evil series?


Mine would be:

Avalanche reviews ( Makes nice retrospective videos and goes into detail about re games and even cgi movies recently. )

Bioevil ( This is captain redfield's channel. His ndipaya videos are amazing. Also nice chris vs wesker videos. )

Gamerthumbtv ( Re timeline videos. )

Lunar indie studios ( Makes videos about bows and evil organizations. )

Mralbertwesker0 ( Makes nice gmv videos. )

Phelan porteous ( His reviews about the garbage live action movies are amazing and fun to watch. )

Resident evil ( The official channel. )

Restories1 ( This one also made videos related to re timeline however he isnt active. )

Sikshadow ( Funny videos about re5 and re6. )

Thegamershankster ( Weapon / melee review videos as well as fully lets play videos. He recently finished dead aim. )

Thegamingbritshow ( His video about re6 is awesome. )
GamerThumbTV is great but he sure does love the comics. Some additional ones that while not strictly RE-lated, are still great.

thegamingmuse (BIO, Silent Hill, etc)
RagnarRox (varied horror)
DevilNeverCry (DMC)
Resident Evil Database (Brazilian BIO)

...and a shameless self-plug for Project Umbrella.
Roanoke Gaming did some good videos on the biology of El Gigante and Regeneradors, and Crimson Head Elder has great stuff (like file readings from voice actors).

Aside from those, I also recommend many of those already mentioned (Bioevil, Project Umbrella, etc).
Neocranium has some pretty funny playthroughs of some RE games.

And The4thSnake has some insightful videos about the continuity of RE and its endings.

Oni Black Mage has also made a series of videos recaping the events of the games throughout the series that I recommend.

The Sphere Hunter has some neat videos as well, so you should check her out as well.
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I've subscribed to 3topicsgamer recently. He makes versus videos as well as rank franchises though for resident evil, he made a top 5 video instead which ı liked due to him enjoying re6 and having it in his most favourites.

Caffeine Addict

I like "RGD" (who did a great video about the Resident Evil 2 remake earlier this year). I don't know who this person is, as he or she uses something to record their dialogue so that their real voice isn't heard. I like people that can be honest. And while "Michael Does Life" does post a lot of videos for baiting his viewers, he does upload some okay videos here and there. For the most part, though, I tend to think the guy is a huge hypocrite, but he does have a point about some other channels being misleading. He is himself misleading, but to what degree, I'll leave that up to you to decide.

I also liked the videos that "Art-Official Entertainment" made a couple of years ago, but he removed them and then didn't do much on YouTube for a while, because he got a strike over something. He was more active on Twitch over the past few years. You can however, see him ranting about the Resident Evil 2 remake in a video from near the beginning of the year. His swearing though, may indicate that it's not a channel aimed at everyone.

"Nemesis" is my favourite YouTuber for talking about Resident Evil stuff. He did quite a number on Capcom over the years, but he got pressured into changing his content, so now he tends to be more optimistic. He used to really scream his lungs out. In fact, he did a rant a few years ago where he called fanboys baby seals, while making seal noises. However, I stuck up for him and ended up getting targeted by people for a year. Although he made up with the people that were mocking him, he blocks me because I said something out of line. I've tried to have a friendly talk with him, but he just continues to ignore me. Other than his videos, there's some other channels I like, but there's not many. Nemesis actually did an awesome review on Not a Hero, that is definitely worth checking out.



New resident evil save room music and mono memory channels have great fan made soundtracks related to resident evil.


Alan conqvist, biohazardgeek, hey devuh, ink ribbon, mauler, the4thsnake, the critical drinker, the horror inside, and vxarchonxv channels.

I've subscribed to those channels.
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