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General RE Easter Egg found in DMC

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
Rise and Fall of Spencer

June - July


My best bet is that it is related to the new (possibly) Revelations 3. Why? The last Revelations game was heavily related to the whole Wesker Project and Spencer's vision with Alex Wesker as the main villain of the game and an overall important character to the series' plot.

Needless to say that the Wesker children marked both the Rise and Fall of Spencer himself.

Now, the image itself displays a King/Knight bowing in front of a... Goddess? We all know how Spencer loved medieval themed art. Examples, the Mansion keys, paintings and even a single room filled with Medieval Armor. However, Spencer didn't view himself as a King but as a God.

"Even Kings bow to Gods"

Albert Wesker to Chris Redfield during one of their last battles.

With that being said, I think this image has some sort of a symbolic meaning. The blonde Goddess may represent Alex Wesker herself, meaning that she might've achieved her true goal through Natalia, outliving both her brother and, above all, her "father". By the end of the day, Spencer is nothing more than a mere King/Knight forced to bow in front of the Goddess.

That's my biggest theory regarding this Easter Egg. Other than that, some fans also speculated something related to the Ashfords and Spencer, leading some to believe that CODE Veronica might indeed happen sooner than we think. They also mentioned the fact that the official RE Facebook page just posted a RE2 2019 image of Claire with the description of Claire going to Rockfort Island next and that we shouldn't miss how her ordeal started in the new RE2.

For last but not least, June and July. We all know what happens in June, E3! Will there be some Revelations? haha


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They even address the Tony Redgrave stuff, but nice find. I love that this series started from what was going to be RE4.

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
Yeah, neither me or the people were too sure about this but the symbolism here is undeniable. It can mean things to both DMC or even RE.
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