RE:3 Remaster (Mod) | Park, Clock Tower

Is there one for re2 2019? I find it weird that people still give re2 2019's weird decisions a pass and try to downplay those aspects.

Not gonna use those mods but ı just would like see more images for re2 2019 as well.

Gotta love how re3 2020 gets bashed to death alone while people praise the hell out of re7 and re2 2019 at the same time...

Mr. Rod

Rodimus Prime
This looks SO good. RE3 Remake is a very good and fun game, it just needed more time in the oven and retain more of the classic locales like the Park and the Clock Tower itself šŸ˜©
One thing I don't like about the remakes is the lack of the scary background noise, as well as the original music being left out (besides the bad option to layer it in, when it's not in sync). Also, it's too clean in the city streets. Hell has frozen over, so the streets should look way more dirty! :D

This guy had the right idea.

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