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General R.I.P. EVIL VR

Twitter user and RE insider "EVIL VR" has passed away, following complications from an operation, according to a friend who used his account to tweet about the sad news.

Along with "Dusk Golem" of course, this dude was also well known for providing us RE fans with a lot of rumours and he kept things interesting during the quiet spells.

May he rest in peace.

If true, then rest in peace, however, I think it's just a way to get attention. This guy never got anything right, I recall that a week before RE3 leaked he said it wouldn't be announced in 2019. Of course, everytime he missed the mark (pretty much every time he ''leaked'' anything) he deleated his tweets after.
Take all rumours with a rye cracker. I also keep seeing all these rumours about Silent Hill being announced in May, via so-called leaks on ResetEra. I don't mind general story leaks, about a game's basic premise and settings, but outright spoilers are pissing off so many people.
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