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Resistance Project Resistance Story

A lot of this may be scattered around the site, but in case you guys didn't know:

Daniel Fabron (the Mastermind) is essentially an Umbrella enforcer who was assigned to perform this experiment for Alex Wesker by Spencer himself. Fabron is testing how the test subjects (kidnapped citizens who were causing problems for the company) respond to fear and other factors, in a facility on the outskirts of Raccoon called NEST2.


The test subjects (protagonists) have several links to Outbreak characters:
January Van Sant is a hacker hired by News Comet to investigate the ties between Umbrella and the RPD. News Comet is who Alyssa Ashcroft works for.
Valarie Harmon is an Umbrella intern who was roommates with Yoko Suzuki.

All the protagonists have been injected with some kind of virus that gives them enhanced abilities, but if they escape NEST2 they may be putting the rest of the world at risk (according to Fabron, who could be lying).

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Looks like Umbrella has lots of Labs in Raccoon City, Marcus Research and Training Center, the Arklay Mansion complex, NEST and now NEST2. There are probably even more places they did illegal research, like the orphanage from RE2 Remake, plus some of the Outbreak games locations.
It seems like they made up all of this "story" stuff on the fly to pass it off as being interesting, LOL. But at least they understand why fans are (rightfully) not pleased. I still think it's going to be incredibly gimmicky, and not like the real RE games we've come to appreciate, respect and support. Sadly, all major franchises get mistreated, to where they end up nothing like their classic heyday period.
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