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Resistance [PR] Trailer Revealed


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If there's a working single player mode, I'll give it a bargain bin purchase (like I did with both ORC and Umbrella Corpse).
Oh, God. Those games were so bad. I mean, not even the most hardcore, die hard fans loved those games. I don't think co-op is a bad thing in horror games, but there has to be a point to what you're doing, and where you go. But many games now make you feel like you're just running from A to B, then to C and beyond. Sometimes, I actually want to play with a friend, or group, but Capcom started to omit that after the soft reboot we got in 2017.
Give me a playable:


in RE engine!
Well, I don't think there's going to be anything shown about it today, but Tokyo Game Show has only just started, so that makes three or so days we may have to wait to see more footage. If I like what I see of the gameplay, and if I think the plot will be decent, I'll give it a better opinion. I also think this will likely prove to be the final RE game of the PS4 era.
Thanks so much for posting it. I'm getting a lot of Wesker vibes with the new villain!

However, the game does look kind of gimmicky. :rolleyes:
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They can't think that this alone can carry a game. Even if it has many maps. RE6 already did something like this as an extra. If there was a story mode I think they would have lead with it because that would be much more compelling. I'm not big on PvP so add some co-op modes where we take on different enemies and it could be a fun way to pass the time.


As a big fan of asymetrical horror games like F13 and DbD, i'm definately ingerested in this and it could be a lot of fun.

My main issues stem from:

1) The Survivors look extremely boring and generic. Outbreak had a way better group of civilians.

2) The ability affects like healing look so out of place and like a white mage healing in FFXIV.

3) The 'story' aspect of it leaves a lot to be desired.

Even still, i'll play it before i give judgement on it. Signed up for beta and hope to get in.

If it's good, i can definately see myself playing it extensively.
What story? This game just kind of looks like yet another gimmicky, points-scoring waste of digital space. I don't even think there is any plot. You probably just log in, hook up with mates, then play around in some boring areas. Maybe it will be fun at first, but to me, it looks a lot like something that will be wearing so thin within a week. I'm not sure what else to say. I think Capcom threw away a golden opportunity here to make something truly brilliant. :confused:

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Yeah the hud needs massive changes, there's too many colors and numbers it looks more like a mobile game than a Resident Evil.
To me, run and gun style games are sucking the soul out of the franchise. I wasn't expecting anything important when I saw this game being announced. The 2004 Capcom is gone. I honestly hope they do a few more sequels and maybe end it, and don't carry it on like every darn Hollywood horror series. It's getting so embarrassing. It makes you want to quit being a fan, even if you want to remain loyal and offer your custom. Nobody should be lenient just because it's a side story game. If you can even label it as such! ?
Not sure how I feel. The game has a really fun looking concept behind it but the arcade look going for it with damage numbers, glowing zombie eyes, abilities that look ridiculous in the RE universe and more just aren't doing it any favors. Also that UI is incredibly awful looking and they're really not trying to hide the fact that practically everything is recycled from RE2. Also the zombies being able to literally spawn infront of people in rooms out of the ground just looks really bad. They can't have dedicated spawn points like windows or vents?

I like some of the neat little details. Yellow herbs are back in the item box, the Mastermind they're currently showing works for Spencer and Alex Wesker, and two of the main characters (Jan and Valerie) seem to be directly connected to both Alyssa and Yoko from the Outbreak series respectfully.

I'm hearing rumors that this may be part of RE3 as a side multiplayer mode. That would make sense because I can't see this lasting more than two months without the community dying like it did for Umbrella Corps and Operation Raccoon City. Especially if they decide to charge more than possibly $15 on release. I'm interested but I need to see a lot more.


Finger Lickerin' Good
Does Capcom sincerely believe that after two failed multiplayer focused games, suddenly attempting to tie this back into Outbreak will somehow make it work?
I guess so, giving their old, 'the master throws a dog a bone' approach to developing games. Capcom knows that fans will take just about everything with Resident Evil on it, even if it's evidently lousy. That's honestly very true. :sleep:
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