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RE9 Pathogen Predictions

Will the mold make a return yet again? If so, perhaps it can be used to help strengthen a preexisting virus to make something like the Cameron Virus. I personally would like for them to canonize 4D Executor or reimagine it to make it more relevant. Since Miranda was a shapeshifter and the C-Virus literally made an Ada clone, I can see them doubling down on this concept. RE8 already combined mold with Cadou so a virus either enhanced or created from the mold would be interesting to join both old and new.
Mold can make a return, yeah.

I used to theorize that the BSAA's BOWs were engineered with the Uroboros Virus, but not so long ago one fan made a discovery that pretty much debunked this theory:


Takano mentioned an early idea of Chris fighting BSAA agents, and the concept art above basically reveals that these BOWs are literally called "Molded" (モールデッド).

I think I'm not the only fan to whom the idea of BOWs fighting BOWs reminded the Under Taker unit from Gun Survivor. Ironically, Kendo's book from Village is also called Gun Survivor, so the parallel in question could have been completely intentional. It will only strengthen if it turns out that the BSAA sponsor, the Umbrella Corporation, is behind all this.

In the case of Umbrella's old unit, the commander was a human being, but in this case, given that the BOWs are called Molded, the commander could be a biological vector like Eveline. This doesn't necessarily mean that the agents are led by a loli in Umbrella's gear, of course.
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