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ORC ORC is 10 years old.


I liked the concept, but the gameplay is atrocious. It's also not canon, so it was a relatively pointless addition in general.
That's what bothers me actually. I dont see how reorc couldnt taken as canon as well if reimaginings exist together with og games.

Sure there are some things that contradict the canon but at the same time; it's possible to play it as close to canon as possible as well.

There are some events that ı wished were incorporated to actual canon tbh.
They could have did a story based co-op game on the PS4 long ago, instead of being lazy and giving us dumb crap like, "The Ghost Survivors" (which was wasted potential). We could have had a storyline based game for these minor characters. But they just made it into a pointless little, extra mode, where nothing counts.

They fumbled the ball there. They will probably continue to do so.
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