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RE8 New Resident Evil Village gameplay...

So, the leaks from Biohazard Declassified were confirmed again. Everything that the testers described was shown in the latest videos.

There it was mentioned that the enemies have their own patterns of behavior peculiar to wolves. They can communicate with each other and will try to surround the player. To compensate for this threat, Ethan will be able to interact with furniture and barricade himself. Apparently, this is what happens in the video: the werewolf notices Ethan and carefully gets close while the others surround the player.

We can also see a werewolf on a horse in the trailer. This is the type of enemy I'm interested in. He must be very dangerous if he has a horse and a spear. It might even be permanent death, who knows. He kind of reminds me of a Wallachian warrior.
I like my horror balls to the wall, and if you're right, I may alter my perception of the franchise. This does look better than fighting the Molded, though.

They won't be winning any 'favourite creatures' polls any day soon.
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