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General Need info on rare material

I remember the old Biohaze where The Batman created a post with some rare info,one of them was an article translating some pieces of the japanese guide of Remake I guess. In this book is said how S.T.A.R.S investigations led to the Arklay mountains,but I can't find it anymore...
Its from the Biohazard Remake Kaitai Shinsho. It states that the murders happening around the Arklay region were so gruesome that only a small percentage were actually reported in the media to avoid mass panic. The R.P.D. profiled the incidents and concluded possible cult activities with the suspects consuming narcotics before practicing cannibalism and rituals on their victims. As a result, the hospital was checked for patients with strange injuries and all local pharmacies checked for unusual customers and orders. When nothing was forthcoming, the police concluded the cult must be operating from high up in the Arklay Mountains to avoid suspicion. That is one of the reasons STARS were assigned because they had the personnel and resources to search such a large area.
I am pretty sure they did get seen. At least at distance. That could be from what most consider to be non canon materials though, I forget the line is blurry for me surrounding the Mansion Incident information. Arklay seems like a huge place as well I imagine it is like the Ozarks and also I cant imagine Zombies would be moving too far from the mansion area, as seen in the games when not interacting with you or others they pretty much just stand there.
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