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General Monsters in Alone in the Dark resemble the Molded!

I suspect they may have a common source of inspiration, that is, those Voodoo dolls made of straw and such. They share a common motif of faceless "woven" creatures resembling humans only in a figurative humanoid shape. And Voodoo, of course, is rooted in Louisiana.

But I wouldn't be surprised if the developers were genuinely inspired by BIO7. At the beginning of the game, it had a similar True Detective-like shot that 7 utilized as well. And the rot of what is presumed to be Lovecraft's Shub-Niggurath is a vector of fungi, which is quite important for the story. But these are the only potential similarities that I've noticed.

I should add that Alone in the Dark is an amazing love letter of the classic trilogy and is a hardcore Lovecraftian fiction that is directly connected to Lovecraft's myths. If the game fails commercially, it will be a great shame, but people don't care about old-school horror these days, so it's expected.
Yes, Alone in the Dark is not an AAA game, but it shouldn't be a verdict by any means. Games can have an enjoyable experience and tell good stories without having absurd budgets.
I thought the combat was a bit on the shitty side, but in general, I enjoyed playing it. There was a lot of bugs too. At one point, Carnby wasn't even able to shoot, forcing me to retreat.
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