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General Models in sequels versus remakes...

Now that the RE Engine makes it necessary to update characters, do you think that the models from the remakes will carry over into sequels? Classic Leon for example beats the tar out of Justin Bieber remake Leon. Carlos also looks too old in the new RE3. That's how he would likely look in a sequel, giving whatever age he must be now. This has me concerned.


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No reason for them not to carry over., IMO I prefer the original models myself, because I grew up with them. Especially Chris. But the new ones are better for the franchise going forward. Capcom is attempting to take as realistic as an approach to the characters as possible. It's smart because it really helps with immersion. Relation can be a key tool in horror.

I like Carlos' redesign but it is the most shocking. I will wait to play more before I cast any more judgment. Just initially seem's like a different character altogether. OG RE3 Carlos was a little too clean cut for a mercenary though.
So, Chris may be getting redesigned. I cannot wait to see that happen, for real and true. I mean, Chris is the top dog, so he's gotta stay looking that way, rather than being the steroids abusing, Umbrella's bitch, or this shemp he is as of right now.
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