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RE:1 [Mod]Classic Costume Packs - Classic costumes for RE HD Remaster

This proyect started around 2009 when the models from the gamecube version started to pop up in the web thanks to work of /Dev/Ghostline, Mariokat64n and others.
I wasn't even able to play the game due to not having the console, Argentina was still a PS2 territory at that time and nintendo officially left the country after the N64 so getting a Gamecube/Wii was terribly expensive, even more with a game like RE, but at that time I already have the idea : "how it would look those costumes from the diferent versions of the original game in the remake style?". I was a begginer at 3d modeling but that didn't stop me, started working on some of them dreaming of someday putting then into the game.
Around 2012 someone made a breakthrough and got model importing into the wii version, but then again i didn't have the console neither had a pc powerful enough to emulate. Eventually I leave the modding scene and the project got stuck there.
Fast forward to this year I was lurking some modding forums and thought "Why I'm not finishing this? I'm better at 3d modeling and Photoshop now and the game is finally on PC" and here we are.

The main goal is to recreate the extra costumes of the 5 ports/versions of the original Resident Evil: The original release, the PC port, the Sega Saturn port, the Director's Cut version and the Deadly Silence version. But I'm also working on the extra costumes from RE2, 3 and some unussed desings from all the games. If anyone is interested and want to see them i can post some of the other costumes here.

If you like my work you can support me on Patreon

?The files are made to be used with Fluffy Manager 5000 just put the file on the "REHD\mods" folder and launch the modmanager.?
Classic Costume Pack - Volume 1: The original RE


Download @ Nexusmods

Classic Costume Pack - Volume 2: Personal Computer


Download @ Nexusmods

Classic Costume Pack - Volume 3: Sega Saturn


Download @ Nexusmods

Classic Costume Pack - Volume 4: Director's Cut wip
Will include Rebeccas costume also!



Classic Costume Pack - Volume 5: Deadly Silence wip
Will include Rebeccas costume also!



Classic Costume Pack - Volume Extra: STARS RE2&3 wip


Hope you like it!
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