Mainline RE Story Ranking

After thinking about it; ı will also make another type of ranking to explain my thoughts in more detail. I will change some stuff and ı will also talk about the games that ı said ı wasnt planning to do here before:

1. Re6

Easily the game with the best story for me. Best characters, voice acting, character dialogue, story script etc. It also has least amount of localization issues when compared to others, at least that's the impression that ı got. They seem to be exclusive to some of the files. Still the ultimate biohazard sequel in my eyes.

I talked about this game many times before but ı'll talk about it again. I'll talk about characters this time in more detail:

Leon: Easily the best version of him. It's a nice blend of his re2 and re4 personalities similar to darkside chronicles but more mature. I like the 1st dramatic cutscene where leon cant bring himself to shoot benford who's a very important person for him. He's the one who made him a government agent in the 1st place and leon eventually bonds to him and sees him as a father figure. So ı understood why he was shocked at the beginning. Leon doesnt seem as important as helena storywise but ı actually liked this decision. Leon's in more of a support role here just like how he and his scenario was in re2 when compared to claire's and this is another way re6 references that game beautifully. Leon even has his handgun from re2 with the same capacity, he can even wield another one which he does in one of the cutscenes. Leon also noticeably is more disturbed about civilian deaths in this game when compared to past re entries; he tries to save some civilians at the start which ends in tragic failure and later on he tries to do the same in a desperate attempt when he sees some civilians getting eaten at a monitor.

Helena: A very tragic character. I liked how she cares so much for her sister, she's her only family relative. The backstory in the files is also very interesting and they are referenced throught the game. Like in gunshop where helena becomes angry at peter for him not caring about his girlfriend. This is a reference to helena shooting deborah's boyfriend due to not being able to control her emotions. Things werent better for her since deborah was captured and helena was forced to do simmons' bidding. I'm glad she feels more important storywise when compared to leon, she shines better that way. Deborah boss fight is one of the best parts in the campaign and helena's interactions with her mutated sister before she had to let deborah fall to her death is so heartbreaking. I'm glad they got their revenge from simmons, helena not being fazed by the giant metal part of train simmons throws at her is so badass and her accuracy at pulling a bullet to simmons' head is pure awesomeness for a new character. The ending is so satisfying and ı'm so glad that she doesnt get arrested at the end. I was very happy at this decision.

Chris: Easily the best version of him. Chris' character development is amazing here and ı really liked how he became a sou captain in an attempt to be a better leader than wesker was back in his stars days. His personality as well as its change is shown well here. He starts the game as not remembering what happened to make players wonder what can mess him up like this but at the end of 1st chapter; he eventually remembers his past with flashback chapter explaining why. In 3rd chapter; he starts and spends most of it as being blinded by revenge with piers trying his best to bring him back to his normal senses until he receives leon's help. I also like the justice talk he makes to carla in chapter 4 as well as the cutscene between chris and jake in chapter 5 where they talk about wesker.

Piers: He's a badass comrade for chris and easily the best partner chris ever had, especially for a new character. He isnt afraid to step up to chris whenever necessary and protects him when needed. His teamwork with chris is brilliant as well; especially at the last chapter against haos. He even gets 2 prequel materials that feature him.

Jake: He is wesker's long lost son who starts the game as a cold mercenary who's only concerned with money but starts to care more and more for sherry as campaign progresses. His care for sherry at the start of chapter 2 who's impaled by a rock piece is great and their interactions at the cabin where they talk about sherry's past is really heartwarming before jake pushes her to protect her. Jake eventually learns his father's identity at the end of chapter 2 and gets shocked while secretly gaining hope at the same time to make wesker pay for what he's done. He discusses wesker with sherry in chapter 3 while still being shocked and later on wonders if chris knows that wesker is jake's father in chapter 4. Eventually in chapter 5; jake encounters chris and chris tells jake that he killed wesker which greatly pisses jake due to chris taking jake's hope of confronting his father and fulfilling his mother's wish. Later on jake is shown caring about getting out of the place with sherry to save the world to become better people than their parents. His character development is also shown at the epilogue as well where he greatly decreases his money from 50 million dollars to simply 50 dollars. I also like how he protects a kid at the secret ending for an apple, that's very interesting to see.

Sherry: A very adorable character. I'm glad she grew up and became a government agent in order to stop threats. Her personality is great and claire's influence on her is very noticeable. I also like her encounters with leon who tries to protect her whenever necessary as well as her encounters with chris. Not to mention; g-virus part of the c-virus is obtained from her and she's basically fighting the sins of william.

Ustanak: He's technically not a character due to being a monster during the game but he still deserves his own section. The backstory in the files is very interesting and he sees carla as his mother. When carla " died " ; ustanak knew and was affected. The fights against him are very enjoyable and they feel like jake and sherry are battling the sins of their parents, especially noticeable in chapter 5 when one realizes that the 1st fight against the monster is in a lava filled area ( Wesker died in lava in re5. ) followed by the next monster encounter taking place in a train platform. ( Birkin died in a train in re2. )

Ada: Easily the best version of her. She's very smart, intelligent and very cool. She's more heroic in this when compared to her past appearances as well. I really like her interactions with carla in chapter 4 where she shows sympathy for her. Ada starts the game similar to how she was in re2 and re4 but starts to lose her cool slowly as campaign progresses which becomes very noticeable in 4th and 5th chapters. She also helps more people in this when compared to her past appearances. The final cutscene at the end where ada destroys carla's greatest creation is also great and very emotional.

Simmons: A very disturbing character and without a doubt, the most disgusting villain in the series. He deserved everything that's coming to him. He's most likely the one who made a deal with birkin to acquire the g-virus and he's the one who ordered the bombing of raccoon which disgusts ada. I'm so glad he got infected with enhanced c-virus and continuously mutated until he died; he really deserved it. His blood also forms the umbrella logo, symbolizing that his actions were just as evil as umbrella's as well as symbolizing the us government's connections to umbrella.

Carla: A very tragic villain. She was forced to become an ada clone after many failed experiments. Honestly ı understood her actions despite not agreeing with them like what ada says in chapter 4. She wanted to destroy the balance simmons and his family is so obsessed with as a twisted payback against him. She really succeeded some of her plans as well like causing chaos on some parts of china as well as infecting simmons; if she didnt call ada due to struggling with her conscience, the world would have been destroyed. She also appears in marhawa desire just like piers, ı really like the black coat she's wearing, that makes her very intimidating.

Overall re6 features some of the best if not the best character portrayals in the series and the characters are very humanized. No wonder the devs described the game with " dramatic horror " statement. It's very fitting to the game.

If ı had to criticize something; that would be that ı would have liked the game to receive even more story content. I wished claire was in this game instead of rerev2, ı also would have liked for agent to get his own campaign. Ricky could be in this as a playable character too, ı would make him claire's partner. Like ı said; the game was planned to get updated with even more story content but capcom couldnt do this most likely due to backlash. Regardless ı still love the game and ı love all campaigns as well as the effort put into it.

2. Recv

A great sequel and it has the best story from all fixed camera angled games. Claire and chris return here as being better than before and ı enjoyed the way they are utilized in the story. I also like ashford twins as well as their relationship between each other. Wesker returns here as being revived which feels sudden but still intimidating. I like that x version updates the game but ı'm still a fan of that cutscene where wesker gets attacked by alexia, ı dont dislike the new cutscene but it feels like it's added just for pure fanservice, at the end wesker still leaves alexia to chris. Steve is a tragic character though he wasnt utilized properly. His voice acting is very unpolished when compared to others and him trying to kiss claire while she was sleeping is very weird. Why make his age under 18? Couldnt his age be the same as claire's? I dont really understand this decision. I like his mutation and how he turns back to his human form but him having feelings for claire is kinda unnecessary. Dij is very interesting addition however. I like the note you could find in battle game though ı wished it was also found in the story or rather be an unlockable like how re3 had with epilogue files. Regardless it feels like a numbered entry, more so than re4 in my eyes.

3. Re2

A great improvement over re1 in many ways. Story, voice acting, characters, monsters etc. are all improved. I also like the scenario system of this game more than re1's; they connect to each other along with zapping. However after thinking about it; ı think ı should criticize for some of its decisions. This might be the 1st time ı'm doing this for re2.

Leon a and claire b scenario. Compared to claire a and leon b; it feels more like a filler and after many releases as well as replaying other titles, ı dread going through it cause it's not the main canon scenario pair unlike the other pair. I found this kinda awkward, the reason for this is leon's disc is disc 1 and claire's disc is disc 2. Due to this decision, ı just feel like they should have made leon a and claire b the main canon scenario however ı still like claire a and leon b scenarios cause ı like some events happening there. Mainly leon seeing sherry in rpd, him commenting this to claire, claire and leon teaming up to find sherry, ada seeing sherry and her comments on sherry's locket, sherry getting infected, claire and leon teaming up to save infected sherry, ada protecting leon from t-103, leon and ada kissing before ada " dying " and ada dropping a rocket launcher to drop leon which is more fitting than her doing this for claire. I really like these events and in my eyes, these are the main features that make claire a and leon b the main canon scenario. However ı still wished these events happened in leon a and claire b instead. This would make it connect even better to re6, according to devs, leon's campaign is the main campaign in that game and he gets his own prologue unlike others. Leon's campaign is also at the very top just like how in re2, his disc is " 1 " . When ı start the game in my dolphin emulator, the 2 discs are combined into one and leon's name is at the top just like in re6 during campaign selection.

Time to talk about leon a and claire b more. While ı enjoyed playing through it; after replays, ı started to dread going through it. It's not as interesting as claire a and leon b scenarios. I even remember not bothering to play it during my timeline marathons. One thing ı'm not a fan of is leon telling ada to claire. Sure this can be excused but even if it could, this kinda ruins some of ada's mystery. I'm not a big fan of claire being aware of ada during claire b. This is another aspect that causes the game to not connect to re6 where chris doesnt know ada when carla introduced herself to bsaa in edonia. Yes both of these can be excused at the same time but ı still prefer claire to not be aware of ada; it works more on ada's favor. I really like the cutscene where g-birkin grabs irons, smacks the hell out of him to ground and throws his half body to up. It's extremely insane, more so than claire a version where irons gets infected by g and a g-young brutally rips his body.

I'm also not a big fan of how sherry's locket is handled in the story. It always bothered me that she dropped it in leon b and ada picked it up while not being able to give it to her?.Couldnt she really give sherry's locket to her without the virus inside? I mean she locks the room sherry's in with master key, couldnt she arrive inside without making noise and put the locket on something? Leon's supposed to arrive there, that possible decision of ada could make him happy since he saw her wearing sherry's locket. In other scenario pair, she doesnt drop it but instead something worse happens. Claire literally throws the entire locket in order to make t-103 fall instead of ıdk; throw the g-virus only? By opening the locket and picking it up? That moment doesnt seem in character for claire. Annette told this to her after all.

I feel like the devs wanted players to have a preference between scenario pairs. Deep down, my preference was claire a and leon b but ı still replayed other scenario pair multiple times. This is the 1st time ı thought about this and wanted to express it. I just wished they made an ultimate canon 2 scenarios that combines the 4 scenarios into one in a very satisfying way storywise. I'm surprised re6 gets criticised for its campaigns but not other fixed camera angled games with multiple scenarios. People pick 1 or 2 campaigns while disliking others and this never made sense to me cause they are all important in the game. In re2 for example; only one scenario pair takes place at the same time even though all of them are canon to some degree.

N64 version also has files exclusive to it, ı wished these files were available in other versions too.

Lastly 4th survivor mode. It's canon and while ı like this; at the same time, it's very barebones. I really dislike t-103 appearing there, it doesnt make sense. There isnt much happening there and ı'm not a fan of this decision.

I would like to discuss re2 more with other people and see if they agree, disagree or want to add more things to what ı said.

4. Re3

While re2 is more enjoyable due to having more scenarios, ı feel like re3 is more focused than re2 after thinking about it. It only has one scenario rather than 4 ones where only 2 of them took place at the same time. But anyways; it doesnt move the story forward as much as recv but ı still appreciate following from re1 when it comes to jill. This is still the best version of her in my eyes and while ı cant quite decide which one is better between re2 and re3's cast, ı still think they are both improved from re1's. Nemesis is also a very interesting addition and utilized well in the story. I really like the epilogue files this game has. The decisions and randomization factor is nice but ı'm more of a fan of multiple scenarios connecting to each other like in re2 and re6. Regardless it gets its job done.

5. Re5

I still decided to put this high cause of chris and wesker's rivalry as well as giving conclusion to wesker. I liked the story cause of this but ı cant bring myself to like some of the decisions. Mainly the way some of the characters are utilized like jill, ı just wished some things happened differently. I dont want to repeat myself again cause ı said many things about re5 here.

6. Rerev2

I like the story for barry as well as moira's character development and some character moments. However the entire story script is one giant mistake. It has some many localization issues, it's unbelievable. Re6 was adapted to localization fine, why cant rerev2 be adapted like that? I had to drop down the game a bit. For barry; ı just wished they didnt put his family into danger, especially at the end. In gaiden, his family wasnt used in the story but here it does. I would have preferred if barry appeared in re5 along with rebecca instead of rerev2 and ı also would have preferred for claire to be in re6 instead of capcom wasting some of its planned ideas for this game. I dont like alex either.

7. Re0

I feel like this game's story is criticised a bit too much. I thought it was interesting and enjoyable. Plus a writer was hired for it unlike remake's case. ( See below. ) I like seeing rebecca and billy teaming up, they make for a decent team. I also like billy as a character along with his backstory. Marcus and his leeches are kinda creepy as well. Seeing wesker and birkin interact is also very interesting. Sure it could have focused more on bravo team but this is the 1st prequel in the series and there's still some effort put into it.

8. Re4

I've decided to move this up a bit. The reason for this is it has both leon and ada returning from re2. I like their characters as well as their dynamic. Luis and krauser are decent additions though the latter feels forced. Other than that; ı cant bring myself to like los illuminados as well as ashley no matter what. I dont dislike them but ı still dont like them. No writer was hired for the main game portion though one was hired for separate ways. Ada's portion is the best part storywise and valuable story info are there. I also dont like " umbrella " organization that's introduced after the actual umbrella was killed in the intro, ı cant bring myself to care for it due to this. Plaga is interesting idea but it's not executed properly. It wasnt confirmed to have a progenitor connection in this game, due to this, the mutations can feel cheap. Regardless ı still prefer the game to happen the way it is over re3,5. Though it feels like it should have been called " Re code plagas " or something.

9. Rerev

I've also decided to move this up a bit. While ı like some of the background lore, it's a bit difficult to enjoy it due to boring characters ( Except chris. ) as well as the game being a prequel. It was released at the wrong time as well. T-abyss is very interesting virus though the monsters are a mixed bag.

10. Re3 2020

I'm not too big on this game but compared to other recreations, it feels more focused at it wants to be. It's obviously intended to be as different from og game as possible and ı have to accept this since re2 2019 was the start of this. I think storywise the best part is jill's character. I dont really understand the complaints. Sure she had better voice acting in re3, re5 and remake but this isnt too bad either. It could have been better like ı wished patricia ja lee voiced her in this but her character is fine. The others are very different but this was intentional. I still wished nemesis wasnt handled in a pathetic way though.

11. Re7

It's a very tragic story for bakers however ı really dont like how the game doesnt follow from re6's loose ends in any capacity. The only re6 reference is in a paid dlc; it's not even in the main story. Ethan also doesnt feel like a character here. The only characters ı really cared for were jack and joe, end of zoe is the best part storywise. Mold is also very cheap.

12. Re1

It's higher than remake. The main reason for this is it was written by kenichi iwao who's the actual creator of the franchise rather than mikami who stole his credit. This caused iwao to left the company after that. But anyway; the voice acting is very unpolished but at the same time, it's very adorable. I really dont like the parallel scenarios but here the variety is more interesting compared to remake. Especially when it comes to barry and rebecca. I also like some small details in this game, they make it more interesting than remake in my eyes.

13. Remake

While it improves from re1 in some aspects, ı just feel like it could have been much better. Instead it's too faithful to re1 to the point, the game's potential is ruined in some aspects.

1. No writer is hired for the game. Why didnt mikami hire someone else as the writer for the game? Due to this; it has the laziest story script in the franchise.

2. You cant get the canon ending where all 4 characters escape with brad. I just dislike how the character you dont select gets captured by wesker and gets put to jail. Mo disc business feels padding. I wished the devs updated the scenarios instead of parallel scenarios where you repeat boss fights. I mean re2 updated the scenarios compared to re1; why cant remake do the same? I dislike how chris loses his gun while running away from cerberus bow and he picks up jill's gun instead. Apparently both scenarios are canon but ı just dont like the way they are executed. When you play the game with 2nd character; you repeat the same exploration and unlocking stuff too which feels repetitive.

3. It doesnt explain how wesker got his powers that are shown in recv.

4. It doesnt connect well to re0.

Another thing is re2 n64 version has extra files and they reference re0. Meanwhile remake doesnt mention marcus in the files even though birkin and alexia are mentioned.

I kinda dread going through jill's run, even more so in remake. I dont think her scenario was done justice. Like rebecca is completely ignored, richard isnt handled well either, he dies way too early. Chris' scenario is handled better storywise when compared to jill's. At least barry is mentioned there.

14. Re2 2019

It feels like a very confused mismash of mess. 1st they wanted to actually remake re2 in a faithful way, then they changed their ideas and wanted to recreate it as different from og game as possible. In the end, they went for a weird middle ground where the game doesnt know what it wants to be. There seems to be more effort put into it compared to remake but this effort should have been utilized better. Like they combined all 4 scenarios into one and even added some scenes / ideas from darkside chronicles to the mix but the result is half baked.

The scenarios dont connect to each other along with no zapping and they have less variety compared to re2 and re6.

Most of the interactions between leon and claire are cut, in og game; they contacted each other with radios at various points but here, they just leave lame notes to each other. There is also no interactions between leon and sherry until he finds claire and sherry at the train as well as none between ada and sherry.

Leon and ada's backstories are unnecessarily changed. They changed leon's " drunk due to having issues with girlfriend " backstory to " He simply wanted to investigate the rpd. " backstory. As for ada; they changed her backstory from " searching for john " to " fbi agent " . The photo from og re2 is also removed and instead replaced with annoying hacking part.

They changed ada's " death scene " to falling one rather than getting attacked by t-103 one. The kiss scene between leon and ada is also not used as properly as in og game and darkside chronicles where the scene was more interesting.

Claire doesnt even care about finding her brother, she finds chris' letter but dismisses it, she never brings her brother up at the end like in og re2 and darkside chronicles.

For sherry; they contradict her phone call files in darkside chronicles. " Why didnt you stay in the house? It was safe there. " Line from annette which contradicts darkside chronicles. Oh and she's free of g-virus even though she wasnt in og re2 and this carried over to future re titles like re6 where she had g powers.

While ı like some moments between claire and sherry, leon and ada on the other hand feel like planks of wood most of the time, especially ada. It's due to dull voice acting ı think. I really wished alyson court, matthew mercer and courtenay taylor returned to voice those 3 characters.

Oh and t-103 is used way too much to the point it loses its charm and becomes more annoying. He was used better in og game. His mutation is pathetic too.

I still dont quite understand what was capcom planning with this game.

15. Revillage

Easily the worst story in the series. That's what happens when you let a writer be the director of a game. Technically no separate director was hired for it. I dont need to really add anything here, people brought up enough things already.
I very much agree with the majority of what you discussed here. The only point I disagree with is your view of Village which I understand to be a divisive title in the series. I actually liked its narrative tons more than RE7 or any of the recent remakes. Added much needed character depth to Eathan and Mia plus some interesting new characters. But that's just my opinion.
The main writer for Village is Antony Johnston, not director Sato. Johnston wrote the script and the first versions of the files for the game, which were then subsequently translated into Japanese. Johnston is an established award-winning writer.

However, Johnston is not writing the DLC, which means the resulting story may jar somewhat if it runs concurrently with the main game.
The main writer for Village is Antony Johnston, not director Sato.
I know. What ı tried to say it they decided to let re7's writer be the director of the game. I found this really weird, why would a writer direct a game? Couldnt they hire someone else as a director? Someone who directed a game before? Like eiichiro sasaki for example?
Doesn't mean he wasn't learning his trade behind the scenes. Hideki Kamiya was only just out of his teenage years when he joined Capcom as a planner and his first ever game as director was RE2 and that turned out fine.

Unfortunately for Eiichiro Sasaki, the Outbreak games and RE6 are three of the series' biggest disappointments in terms of critical and commercial reception so I doubt Capcom would be willing to give him another go, if he's even still with the company.
Doesn't mean he wasn't learning his trade behind the scenes.
I just feel like he should worked more on the story script along with johnston for revillage. He's a writer and he should work on the script, not be the director of a game. There were already re games with multiple writers hired for them. Re6 for example had hiroshi yamashita helping shotaro suga, revillage could have been more similar to this too.

Eiichiro sasaki was just an example, there could have been more as examples. Regardless ı'm still not a fan of this decision made for the game. Someone else should have been hired as a director for revillage. A similar situation happened with wesker's report 1 where hiroki kato, the director of recv, was the writer for the script. I dont like that either.
I like his mutation and how he turns back to his human form but him having feelings for claire is kinda unnecessary.

I kind of feel that its acceptable. He lost all trust in other people because of his father, and now that he has learned to started to to trust Claire, he has developed feelings for her.

I found this kinda awkward, the reason for this is leon's disc is disc 1 and claire's disc is disc 2. Due to this decision, ı just feel like they should have made leon a and claire b the main canon scenario however ı still like claire a and leon b scenarios cause ı like some events happening there.

I think Capcom made the right choice with having Leon's disc being the first one, while keeping the canon scenario in his b scenario. When playing through Leon's A scenario, it feels very weak storywise, yet when playing through his B scenario, you have a better appreciation and end off on a great ending playing as Leon. If the scenarios were reversed, I think I wouldnt have enjoyed it as much because of how it would leave off on. It just sticks in the mind better the way it is now, and it gives Leon the chance to be the hero against the final boss, which is hidden until a second run (a good idea gameplay wise, so the player has a huge shock factor when they think the game is over).

I'm also not a big fan of how sherry's locket is handled in the story.

I dont really mind it, Sherry never getting her locket back is a good idea to me because it feels like Sherry is allowed to move on from the sins of her family, though keeping the love of her mother with her in the form of her immunity to G.

I really dislike t-103 appearing there, it doesnt make sense. There isnt much happen

I think it was made canon after the fact, with the whole thing being intended to just be a difficult minigame for the people who unlock it to test themselves.

I feel like this game's story is criticised a bit too much

Agreed. I find the whole story actually funny. Billy and Rebecca gettting swept up in the plot fighting for their lives while trying to escape, only to accidentally end up pissing off an antagonist who was secretly plotting to destroy the world. They just find him and it's like: "Well now that you're here, I guess I have to kill you." The actual story revolves around Wesker, William, and Marcus, whose plans are ruined because of the consequences of his actions. If he never attacked the train and isntead attacked it when it got to its destination, Rebecca and Billy would have never ended up there.

I disagree with your placings of 7 and Village. I think Village can have more leniancy because it sets up the story around (most, poor Moreau) of the characters. 7 doesnt really go into detail about who the Bakers are until you get the Daughters DLC. The notes scattered around the house are mostly from after they became infected, and the only exception I can think of is the one written by Lucas, talking about locking a friend of in the attic. Thats the only character we get a real glimpse of before the events of the game, and it sets up how long he has been psychopathic. The story is mostly saved for the DLC, while in the base game we just walk around an estate, learn about how pschopathic the Bakers have become, look for Mia, and escape. If you left out the dlc, easter eggs and Chris showing up at the end, you would have a game entirely disconnected from Resident Evil. Village at leasts connects itself somewhat to the series by having a Chris section in the base game, a note connecting Spencer to the village and antagonist (not sure how I feel about that, feels a little cheap and weak), and shows the B.S.A.A. in action (not going to comment on the twist, I want to see how its handled in future games before I say anything). Village also has a more involved story than 7, where Ethan has a clear goal that never waivers (in 7, I'm pretty sure he is more focused on getting out than his initial goal of finding Mia, but I can forgive it a little since he thinks she is dead. At least until the old house, where he learns she is still alive. Then he doesnt even think about Mia until he sees her on the camera system a few minutes before he finds her.), the story makes itself clear in the base game, and it explains what happened to Rose through a plot point it set up: the mold holds memories, and since Ethan is mold he can see those memories. And it explains all of this without forcing you to buy DLC. Pushing the story into paid DLC is something I will never forgive Capcom for when it came to 7, as it shows its an either an afterthought, or its just plain greed.
The story is mostly saved for the DLC, while in the base game we just walk around an estate, learn about how pschopathic the Bakers have become, look for Mia, and escape. If you left out the dlc, easter eggs and Chris showing up at the end, you would have a game entirely disconnected from Resident Evil.
I would probably have RE7 much lower if it wasn't for the DLC adding to the story. I am hoping it will be the same for RE8, I WANT to like it but right now it feels incomplete and only tells Ethan's side of things. Despite my issues with Chris acting out of character this far into the timeline, I want to know more about the 4 Lords relation to Miranda and how the Cadou actually works/ was created. Same with Miranda's involvement with The Connections and perhaps some backstory on The Duke. That plot dump lab room at the end really rubbed me the wrong way like the lore was thrown to the wayside, it was poorly paced.

Hopefully RE9 won't suffer these same issues now that Ethan is dead.
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