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RE1 Jill Finds Wesker's Corpse


Resident Evil_ Director's Cut_20231021203039.jpg

Resident Evil_ Director's Cut_20231021203100.jpg

Resident Evil_ Director's Cut_20231021203202.jpg

Resident Evil_ Director's Cut_20231021204627.jpg

I finished re1 with jill on my ps4 right now. I took these screenshots, with the 1st 3 of them, you can find wesker's corpse where he is found to be killed by a chimera after activating self destruct sequence. The last one is the result screen that ı took just in case as a way to showcase jill's one.
As awesome as Wesker was, he became overused overtime. There was no breathing room for other villains to last across multiple games. When his time had finally come; that void he left behind from his death has yet to be filled by another role. He was and still is the face of RE villains. Maybe they will have a big reveal in the next game that will focus on bioterrorism again and not some weird mold adventure about finding decapitated baby parts.

We need another Flagship era of games that feel more connected and focused. I grow tired of these one and done plots like it’s some kind of a monster-of-the-week episode from The X-Files.
Yeah. He did get a bit popcorn near the end. But I do think he, Birkin and Nicholai were the best villains, as they were grounded in reality. As soon as that cultist crap, vampires and fat salesman nonsense became involved in the franchise with their respective entries, I was kind of annoyed at how dumb things had gotten.

But anyway, 2023 was a good enough year for RE. So I can let it slide a bit.
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