Jake and Sherry

I don’t know why people like to lump Jake with Steve and Ashley, he was one of the better characters and had the most growth next to Chris. People who thought it was stupid he was Wesker’s son, well guess what? We now have babies literally being born from mold.

I liked the chemistry between the 2, but it would be hard to reunite them much like Rebecca and Billy. They are from 2 different sides of the law, which is a taboo in itself. Especially for Sherry who is a government agent like Leon. Still, I think Capcom should explore relationships more in RE, as that can bring in much needed character development into future games. Just because RE6 faced huge backlash doesn’t mean they should completely abandon its concepts and character beats.
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Since there is a possibility that Wesker is the leader of Umbrella, it would be a good idea to give Jake a clue to look for him. So far, this is the only direction I can see for Jake's return.
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