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OT Have you enjoyed the 2010s?

This decade was terrible, in my opinion. Some games we had were great, but the decade from a personal perspective, didn't do much for me. Hopefully the 2020s will. :whistle:


Yeah, it was quite a life changing decade for me. I started my own business that is doing better than I originally could've though (Clean Culture), traveling the world hosting auto events and everything that comes along with it. I moved on my own to Los Angeles from New York, got engaged after a decade plus relationship and really enjoy our way of living. Very good years, I’m sure I’ll look back on them fondly when things slow down in the future. I've also experienced great loss, but have worked through it and have a positive outlook on life and am both fulfilled and content.
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Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
There's always the good and the bad every year so it is extremely hard to say if things were either good or bad. It is always a mix between the two, sometimes all it takes is one bad moment to stain a highly positive year.
The decade is going smoothly, met my girlfried back in 2010 and we're now living together for a year. 2011 also marked my graduation which was a lifechanger as far as career goes and some time later I got into Judo and could finally put to practice my passion for self-defense training, something I've always dreamed of since I was a kid.
This decade was a breath of fresh air mostly due to my relationship so I could have a bit more positivity in my life after losing my father and one of my best friends just a year and a half prior.

As far as videogames go I'd say it doesn't really matter, liking or disliking a game has no effect on a positive or negative year. For example, loving a game with a passion will not suddenly turn a bad year into a good one and vice-versa.
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