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General For some reason, Silent Hill interests me more than Resident Evil now...

That's probably because I'm a hungry horse for Silent Hill. But to be honest, it's because some of the astonishing atmospheric tone that RE used to be known for, got depleted. But Konami's franchise, even with the low points in the series, still provided a good scare over the course of its lifespan. Even reading the notes in the games makes you think there's potential to do a TV series, all with characters dealing with their own self-contained plot aspects.

One reason that's pulled off well in this franchise is because they (usually) have different storylines that involve various protagonists. This helps to keep it feeling unique.

There's popular characters I am curious about, like Heather. I wouldn't mind seeing her return. But the scares come thick and fast, even if the gameplay in the post Team Silent games wasn't all that impressive. It could be argued that the series kept the general mood intact.

Resident Evil though, sad to say. I simply don't like it anywhere as much as I used to. I'm trying to train my mind to stop caring about it, because it does my nut in when they announce a new game, then it ends up feeling like another major let down. And many of the ideas in the RE Engine era are just outlandish.

So, what do you think? Do you think I raised some good points here...
Silent Hill has been dead for many years but Resident Evil staged a comeback. The problem seemed to be that without Team Silent nobody even understood what the lore was, even before you consider the problem trend of having development farmed out to Western devs. Then there's the bigger problem of Pachislot garbage that the publisher put all their resources into. So whatever crap Konami has planned they can count me out; why would I support them.
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While I generally agree that RE is the better franchise, I felt that the horror side became reduced somewhat over the years. But Silent Hill and the similar franchise The Evil Within are two series that really give me that horror jolt I seek.

While making the zombies harder to kill in the RE2 remake was odd, it gave the game tension. But the action RE games are too gimmicky, with the shopping format and the campiness factor.

Also, I feel ammo drops is why it's too unappealing to somebody who prefers horror over guns being heavily involved.
Evil Within didn't impress me that much but I never played the sequel. It dumped horror half way through to include robot sentries, turret battles and uh... giant brain bosses? IIRC. I guess parts started to bleed over from Shadows the Damned...

Without guns you'd have to look into the whole sub-genre of first person stealth style games I guess. I'd prefer an Alien Isolation sequel to a remake of anything Silent Hill but it's not to be.
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Bethesda did a great job of combining the horror and the action. It was also interesting how you could explore more streets and houses. And the lighting was fine. I definitely found it to be a compelling couple of modern day games.

In the new RE games, you cannot see very well. Right now, this forum looks rather dark on my phone. :p
I disagree. I like the series from re1 to re6 a lot more than silent hill series. It looks more horror driven compared to resident evil which feels a lot more action oriented, even starting from the 1st game while upping this aspect with numbered sequels.

With re engine though, it feels like they are trying to make the series a " westernized horror " series or something. They hire western writers who worked on previous media and ı just cant get that overblown tokusatsu style at them compared to sugimura's and suga's writing eras.
We don't really have anything new to compare the latest RE games to anyway, it's been over 10 years since the last SH game. We also have no definitive proof that Silent Hill 2 remake or the other titles exist yet. We could have had Junji Ito's game but it got canned. Who even are Bloober and Neobards and why should they be trusted with big releases?
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