Eiichiro Hasumi and Yugo Kanno on Directing and Creating the Music for 'RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness'

Recently found this interview while browsing through twitter.

The most important info in it is that it says vendetta takes place in 2014.

" Q. Leon and Claire are popular Resident Evil series characters that are beloved by fans across the globe. What did you want to draw from them in this work?

A: Leaning on a suggestion from the Executive Producer Kobayashi, we decided to portray Leon as a somewhat cynical character in contrast to Claire. These events take place in 2006, between the time he was a young man filled with a sense of justice and 2014, when he had become slightly fatigued by the endless fighting as depicted in “Resident Evil: Vendetta.” The suit Leon wears is important as it symbolizes this position. I was impressed because he looks cool even in formal attire. "
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