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General Dusk Golem keeps getting shit on...

He was only right when he took other people's information without crediting them. The rest of the time he's just doing pure fantasy.

I do agree that none of this justifies insults and possible bullying, but I fully understand those who are overwhelmed by his presence.

Pre-production of RE:4 began back in 2016. Capcom has been planning to recite the "official Biohazard history" for a long time, and three remakes were part of this plan. No remakes were planned after them, which was confirmed by the 2020 leak.

I don't quite understand why fans have already unconditionally believed that 5 will have a remake. If it's because of Wesker's role in RE:4, then it's pretty evident to me that the textures, musical motif and so on, which were borrowed from 5, serve as a plot bridge directly to the original game.

Nevertheless, I don't deny that Capcom could have decided to make more remakes during the pandemic, although there is no confirmation of this. But if a new remake is ever released, it will obviously not be soon.
I like how he was right about the recent Silent Hill game. He said it was about a girl who takes her own life, and that a phone features in the story. This all came true.

I'm awfully curious to know what Townfall is about, but perhaps he doesn't know anything about it yet. Because that was announced in 2022. News about these games has been rare since that showcase.
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