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Revelations Do you think Capcom copied The Last of Us for Revelations 2?

When I played The Last of Us for the first time a few years ago, it dawned on me that it was very similar to Revelations 2, especially the winter section, the story of a female child who is an orphan, the Vulcanblubber being like the Bloater, and the Afflicted behaving like the Runners. Also, I felt that the crafting system and the gameplay was almost identical.

Could it be that Capcom chose to copy Naughty Dog? ?

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
They didn't copy because RE4 was the game that started the over the shoulder trend, which was then "copied" by numerous other titles, including The Last Of Us. If anything, Capcom was only copying their own product, not to mention that RE6 had already introduced stealth mechanics, REV2 just had more of them and added the crouching option. Hand to Hand Combat was at the series' finest with RE5, easily one of the games with the most polished hand to hand mechanics from last generation where each strike felt genuine, brutal and vicious.
The Last of Us didn't invent crouching and stealth sections, there was already Metal Gear and Splinter Cell. Inside of the RE series there was already stealth before TLOU was even thought about, it started in CODE: Veronica with RE4 and 5 also having small glimpses of it during certain sections and RE6 finally bringing it to the table (before TLOU too).

TLOU isn't the God gift some people try to make it out to be. It still is nothing more than an amalgamation of Resident Evil and Splinter Cell to me.
In what way? I do think Revelations 2 (the winter section mostly) borrows heavily from The Last of Us. I do like that game. It's in my top 5 RE games now, but I still consider it to be a major copy of Naughty Dog's game in some parts. I'm honestly surprised that nobody has noticed that.

I always thought The Evil Within was more along the lines of Silent Hill, with the rusty areas with fans, and the roads with no extension, and many of the bosses feel more at home with Konami than with Capcom. Also, the gameplay is the best I've ever experienced in any survival horror game, as you can move and fight at the same time, and use the environment to your advantage. The same with Days Gone. I also was reminded of the mansion in the original RE game, which was a fantastic throwback to the genre's golden age.


I also think those games have more of an interesting story these days, and better graphics, and more freedom to move around and the fact that you can do optional side stuff, means you have something new to find that you maybe didn't know about before. While I do think it's a journey that yields much monotony, you also wouldn't catch a break in a real situation like that, so I can see why you have to pull your weight at times to get what you want.

In the recent RE games, you mostly do a lot of tedious backtracking, the story is not that engaging sometimes, and it's always so dark, but not in the good way. The lighting in the original RE 2 was part of why it was so detailed, but I think with the remake, they were trying too hard to make it scary with making it poorly lit up in some locations. Many modern day horror movies are the same. They're relying on everything being dark, and things jumping out at you with a loud bang. I do think Capcom is going with the 'enemies take more bullets' to kill approach, and that's okay. But I just think there's better games in the genre that are way more enjoyable, yet remain kind of underrated.
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in terms of the plot with two main villains wants to take over their victim's bodies to escape their fates (Alex Wesker was dying and Ruvik was a brain in real-world connected to stem and he is stuck in stem world) and revelation enemy design with barbed wired tortured enemies thematically.
Well, guys, I was more so referring to Revelations 2 seemingly ripping off TLOU. If anything, The Evil Within is a rip off or homage to Silent Hill, with what I described above. Plus, I know that the Keeper is said to be a tribute to Pyramid Head. It's something that catches your eye almost right away.

I think it's hard to believe that it was a coincidence that there's a mode where Moira Burton is forced to hunt rabbits with Evgeny, when the same type of scenario occurs in TLOU when you're playing as Ellie in the winter portion of the story. Sure, it happens in just about any post apocalypse storyline. But it just seems kind of obvious, to me at least, that Capcom were shamelessly taken these ideas from Naughty Dog's baby. Also, as I said, one particular boss fight seemed to be lifted directly from TLOU as well.

It's around the time where Pedro mutates from being too afraid. This huge thing called a Vulcanblubber ambushes you in a bar, situated in that little island town, with the Afflicted running at you as well. There's a very similar fight inside a gym hall in TLOU, where a "Bloater" attacks you, and launches spores at you as you try to duck behind equipment. The Vulcanblubber essentially does the same thing, but with giant fireballs. There's a lot of other similarities too, but they're kind of the ones I wanted to bring up here. Also, how you craft items and stuff, seems to be way, way similar too. It's also one of the first games where you can make petrol bombs like what Joel does, even though, yeah, that was possible in the prequel as well. I still say Capcom ripped off Naughty Dog, but I suppose everything essentially copies something else from before it anyway.
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