Death Scenes


Which death scenes in the franchise do you think are the most brutal? And which games do you think have the most brutal death scenes?

Imo the most brutal death scenes are novistador and rasklapanje death scenes.

( 3:53 )

As for the game that has the most brutal death scenes; ı think it's re4 but re6 would be a good follow up. Despite the deaths being censored; there's a lot of ways to die in that game with special animations.

Feel free to post your thoughts.
From the classic re games; ı think re3 has the most brutal death scenes.

Also alexia's instant kill attack during her 1st boss battle is pretty brutal too.

In Resident Evil 4, I think the most fucked up way for Leon to die is when he is dropped down the floor in Salazar's throne room and lands on a spike. It's at 11:11 in the first video above.


Easily Biohazard 4, that game had some of the most creative and uncanny deaths.

Here's a better quality version:

This comment had me dying.

Director: "Alright, give us your best death noise"
Voice actor: "Arrghh-ooooo"
Director: "Perfect."
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