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General Death Scenes


Which death scenes in the franchise do you think are the most brutal? And which games do you think have the most brutal death scenes?

Imo the most brutal death scenes are novistador and rasklapanje death scenes.

( 3:53 )

As for the game that has the most brutal death scenes; ı think it's re4 but re6 would be a good follow up. Despite the deaths being censored; there's a lot of ways to die in that game with special animations.

Feel free to post your thoughts.
From the classic re games; ı think re3 has the most brutal death scenes.

Also alexia's instant kill attack during her 1st boss battle is pretty brutal too.

In Resident Evil 4, I think the most fucked up way for Leon to die is when he is dropped down the floor in Salazar's throne room and lands on a spike. It's at 11:11 in the first video above.
I love how Wesker snaps Chris’ neck when he is going for the emergency override lever. It sounds like someones zipping their pants or something.?

It’s a shame player death scenes were completely lost when the series went the first person route.
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It’s a shame player death scenes were completely lost when the series went the first person route.
Another factor is the blinking re2 2019 has for its death scenes which feels more like an annoyance rather than creating an actual tension.

Thankfully re3 2020 fixes this problem by removing this effect.

Speaking of re3 2020; this death scene feels pretty unique to the franchise.

The best deaths, in my opinion, were in Resident Evil 4. Especially death from a doctor with a chainsaw. The most famous in the series.

To be honest, I never thought about it. I even saw some deaths in this topic for the first time.

I certainly thought about violence in general. In the classic games of the series, there was a high degree of violence and there were violent deaths of characters. Even the 4D movie is remembered for this. So I was glad when Resident Evil 7 returned this high degree. But I didn't think about the deaths of the main characters. I guess "I" don't die very often.
For me, the most brutal death scene is in 4 with the Novistadors, where they poor acid on Leon's face until its half melted. Getting impaled or your head chopped off is one thing, but feeling your face burning and not actually dying until it reaches your skull, meaning your eyes are also affected? Instant winner for me.
I see Nemesis deleted his YouTube channel a few months ago, which I must say, has come as a shock to me. He also used to post his own reaction videos, or 'what could have been' style vlogs on the franchise, and was quite the hardcore defender of RE as a whole once. 🤧

Oh well. ☹️
I can think of several deaths across the franchise that are absolutely brutal. A few that come to mind are:

Glasp death Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Majini death Public Assembly (if you lose during the Executioner stage you get a special cutscene after), Chainsaw deaths (especially in 4 and 4 Remake), Garrador deaths via impalement (RE4), being killed by an Afflicted in Revelations 2 (Claire dies with her eyes open), Moira shot multiple times in Revelations 2, Duvalia torso kills in Resident Evil 5, being swallowed alive by Hunter Gammas in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil 3 Remake or Lurkers in Resident Evil 0, kills by Rasklapanje in Resident Evil 6, and a huge one also from Resident Evil 6: being sliced to pieces by a meat grinder.

I'm split between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Revelations 2 as having the most violent deaths, but I think I have to consider for myself that meat grinder death as one of the most savage and violent deaths that I've ever seen in a video game.

So this is a specific death scene that ı want to share. I think this is one of the most entertaining and hilarious deaths in the series and it doesnt even look that brutal in favor of being more dramatic. Compared to wesker breaking chris' neck scene in re5 which happens too fast, this one looks more properly paced. I personally miss this in re:4, its absence makes the game empty in one of its areas.

Here's also this ı found. This one looks very generic compared to og game as well as wesker breaking chris' neck scene in re5. It doesnt even look that properly animated to me.
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