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RE1 Deadly Silence


Ok so ı played this game for the 1st time as chris on an emulator after not being able to play re1 director's cut on a ps1 emulator. I played it on easiest difficulty through a cheat to make it more easier on myself. ( I couldnt figure out a way to apply infinite ammo cheat to it unlike some other games so that's why ı decided to play on the hidden easy mode. )

It has new additions like quick knifing ( It kills cerberus very fast when they are downed, ı didnt test it that much on zombies though since it's too risky. ) , quick reloading and quick turn. The game model also seems improved, the handgun and magnum are replaced with the ones from remake. You can also skip door animations, a very interesting feature that made the run faster.

Downsides though are silly animations where the characters try to walk and run in a realistic way but it looks embarrassing. Same thing with monster animations which also look pathetic. The game also gives you the option of making blood color green for some stupid reason but ı checked the settings and turned the option to red.

Oh and the intro doesnt show chris smoking in a stylish fashion, it actually does the same cheap trick dualshock version does.

Regardless ı enjoyed it and ı still prefer it over remake. I actually played remake yesterday with chris and other than some minor improvements and new additions, the game doesnt feel like it improves from re1 that much. If anything it feels more samey, tedious and annoying. It also seems to unnecessary pad the game. The og game is more simple and effective imo with a better art style and environments.

I would say ı like it as equally as og re1. I'll also play as jill though ı always kinda find her run more generic and repetitive due to parallel scenarios other than her moments with barry really.
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I have a physical copy thanks to a saint who got it for me back when I was too young to buy it myself. The game is fun, and I'm glad it gives you an option to play the original version alongside a specialized version for the DS. The blood and smoking thing is a bit of censorship, as even though it is a game about killing zombies, it is on the DS, a system popular with children. Another example of this is Ocarina of Time, where at the end Ganondorf coughs up green blood instead of red blood. Thankfully, Deadly Silence gives you the option to turn it to red. The knife minigames are fun, but are really meant for the DS, as it let you blow into the microphone to blow zombie vomit back in their faces. The Yawn boss fight is the best fight in this mode, as you are literally killing a giant snake with just a knife. The fact the game rewards you for these fights is a huge plus. I haven't been able to play the multiplayer mode, but from what I've seen there isn't much to it. As a portable gaming fan, this is the best experience to play the original game.


Yeah ı think ı remember seeing some footage from knife minigame. It's a cool mode though ıdk if ı can do it, it doesnt look that interesting to me.

But anyway, ı like the save room theme of this port, it's a cool take on og game's save room theme:

This is og game:

Also it seems that they kinda reference in re5 lin with its results theme:



I finished the game with jill. It was overall repetitive after finishing chris' but ı managed to get a good use from her bazooka. Overall not so much difference from og game but ı like how explosive rounds knocks zombies while also destroying their arms. The animation is pretty good.

I always liked the weapon's effects on the monsters, better than remake. ( Though you still cant stack ammo infinitely or manually switch through combining rounds whenever you want. You need to empty the weapon for being able to load a different type of ammo. )


This port makes me more wished that re2 also got a port like this with updated models from darkside chronicles. I would like to swap claire, leon and ada's models especially with the ones from darkside chronicles.
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