Counter Strike


Is anyone a fan of this franchise? I used to be back in the day.

I played all of the games and from them; ı've spent time with csgo the most. I wasnt a big fan of resident evil at that time, ı was playing csgo. It's the 2nd most played game on steam with 768 hours spent on it. The 1st one being re6 where ı've spent more than 6000 hours on it.

I didnt have much opinion on the game, it was entertaining for what it is but when ı started going online, then that's when things started to become more depressing.

The fanbase was extremely toxic and people were attacking each other. One day ı couldnt take it anymore and decided to stop playing the game forever.

I also wasnt a big fan of skin system, it was quite awkward. They didnt have gameplay benefits on the weapons; they were purely cosmetic.

These days ı dont like the game that much and ı just dont care about it. The game was ruined for me thanks to hostile fanbase as well as some updates valve made.

However one specific game that ı like is deleted scenes. It's single player and has a story with campaigns. I found it interesting though ı didnt spend much time on it.


Was always more of a Halo player, but definitely enjoy CS and on the other end of the spectrum ADORE Half Life.
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