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General Capcom Game Showcase 6/12


What would you like to see? What do you think we'll see?

If it's anything Biohazard I think we'll see Separate Ways.

I would like Revelations 3 or an Outbreak Remake to be announced that would help tidy fans over until RE9. I doubt we will see though. They will most likely announce Ada DLC and perhaps another Death Island trailer. Other than that, I can’t see any major releases coming out this year. They are pretty busy supporting Street Fighter 6.
I hope they do Revelations 3 but with no gimmicks or budget cuts. Probably nothing exciting as you say they are busy. What else have they got coming besides Dragon's Dogma 2? Death Island trailer just dropped though, still looks bad.
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I could definitely see Dragon's Dogma 2 being shown in depth, but of course SW is my main priority. I don't think we'll see anything Bio beyond that, especially since Death Island just had its latest trailer shown.

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Well, I hope we see RE9 this month too, but this is highly unlilely to show up during SGF or during 2023 as a whole. Also, I believe Dusk Golem had said not to expect it being announced this year.

If anything is revealed, it will likely be to promote SW, because the RE4 remake is still fresh.
Not-Dino Crisis and not-Onimusha are weird choices. Maybe they'll be fun I dunno.

As for RE stuff at this stage I predict they've got a Gold Edition saved for later that will have Seperate Ways along with Wesker and Ada for Mercs (and probably Waterworld).
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